How to Mew Properly in 5 Steps (Complete Guide)

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The Simple & Best Mewing Tutorial: Everything You Need To Know About How To Mew Properly In One Place


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The "Mewing" technique was first discovered in... 🙄 BLaH bLAh I DoN't CaRE ! 

Forget the history, you just wanna know how to mew properly, right?

You saw an insane mewing before and after photo on YouTube and want a sharp jawline for yourself.

But you can't find a guide that is easy-to-understand.

And the more information you read, the more questions you have. 


You're exactly like I was when I started: confused and still a little skeptical.

I wrote this guide to a younger version of myself.

It's exactly what I wish I'd found early on.

I wouldn't have had to figure it out myself.

If you still don't know what mewing is... read this👇

What is Mewing and How Much of it is Actually Science?



Mewing is social media's alternative name for Orthotropics – a branch of Orthodontics that claims that an individuals facial structure is a result of nasal breathing and jaw posture.

This theory originally comes from a British Orthodontist called John Mew.

In recent years, his son Mike Mew has continued his father's work.




A Mewing Tutorial Video Is Better Than Words

You remember information 8 times better if it's visual.

So I think it's better if you watch this mewing tutorial that I made.

It's less detailed than this article, but it has animations that will help you understand what the heck I'm talking about.

Learn the right tongue placement technique ASAP, and you'll get results ASAP.

Watch the tutorial at the bottom of this page and then read this entire article afterwards.

I go into more detail here because I had more time to think when writing it.

And I didn't want to make a 44 minute video.




1. Seal Your Lips Lightly 💋

Seal your lips lightly.

Use your lip muscles as little as possible.

You shouldn't force them together.

And old expression for this is "pursed lips"- like the zipper on a purse your granny collects quarters in.

Anyway, don't do it if you want the "hollow cheeks" look. 

Pursed lips are not how you mew properly
Emma Watson has "pursed lips" in this photo


Don't pout either.

That's the weird duckface thing teenage girls usually do in Instagram photos.

A "pout" is basically when you force your lips outward.

Sometimes it looks like you're sucking on a straw.

This can look good in the moment.

It highlights your cheekbones and gives that "hollow-cheek" look.

But if you're gonna do it, save it for photos.

It's bad in the long-term because you can't do the other 4 steps of mewing.


Don't pout your lips when you are learning how to mew properly
Don't pout like this when you're mewing



Your front teeth shouldn't touch, but your back teeth can touch lightly.

This part can differ from person to person.

Some guys find it more comfortable to have their back teeth slightly apart.

And that's fine!

As long as your teeth aren't much more than 5mm apart.

If they're 1cm apart- that's wrong.

Have your bottom teeth slightly behind your upper teeth in a slight overbite.

I know that won't be easy for everyone.

You may have an overbite, underbite, retainers or braces that make it hard.

But that's the natural position our teeth are supposed to be in.

Don't worry if you can't maintain this position straight away.

It's the end goal.

Try to do it the best you can and follow the other steps.

Over time your bite position will improve.

For more information on how to position your teeth, check out this article 👇

Mewing Teeth Position – How to Do it Correctly (Complete Guide)

How to mew correctly: this is the correct teeth position
This is the perfect teeth position for mewing




2. Place Your Whole Tongue Against The Roof Of Your Mouth 👅 

Proper tongue posture is the hardest part of mewing


The part that everyone focuses on- entire tongue against your palate.

It's the most important step BUT that doesn't mean it's the only step.

You won't be able to have the correct tongue placement if you don't follow all steps.

How to mew properly: the correct tongue posture you need
Try to have your entire tongue against your entire palate


This is MUCH harder than it sounds.

You're going to have lots of questions along the way.

So let me break it down for you.

The tip of your tongue should not be touching your front teeth, it should be a little bit behind your front teeth.

DO NOT push your tongue against your teeth.

It could lead to crooked teeth if you do it long enough.

This is the worst mistake that mewing beginners make.



Think it's pretty easy so far?

That's because you only have the front part of your tongue against the palate.

I agree, that is easy.

But the important part is to have the back 1/3 or the "root of the tongue" against your palate.

Correct root of the tongue posture is the hardest part of mewing properly
The back part of your tongue is called the "root of tongue"

Can't get it up there?

Or don't know if it's up against your palate?

Don't worry, almost no-one can hold it up there comfortably in the beginning.

You're going to start with the front part in the correct posture.

Overtime you will build the required strength in your tongue- and you'll be able to do it.

The end goal is to have your entire tongue against your entire upper palate.

From the front (slightly behind your teeth) to the back (root of tongue comfortably up).

That will be your new resting position when not eating, drinking, or talking.

Getting there will take months.


But picture yourself a square jawline and hollow cheeks... it will be worth it!

That whole "root of tongue" part can be tricky, so here's some tips to get a feel for the correct position:


This is a good way to practice the correct tongue posture.

Basically: smile really broad and show off your teeth.

Your tongue will naturally be pressed against your palate in the correct mewing position.

Do the cheesy smile and then try to hold your tongue in the same position when you 'release' the smile.


Another way to practice the mewing tongue placement.

Basically: say the letter "N" and hold it. So say "NNNNNNNNN".

When you do this your tongue will naturally be pressed against your palate in the correct mewing position.

So again, say "N" and then try to hold the position your tongue is in afterward.



The skin between your chin and your neck should be tight.

If there's a bulge there, it means you're pushing too much with the tip of your tongue.

You've probably got the front of your tongue up against your palate- but the back part isn't.

And the back (root of tongue) part actually matters the most.

You need to practice trying to get the back third of your tongue up against the palate.

It can take months until you actually do it but if you need to keep practicing and developing the strength in your tongue, your jaw, and your neck.

Over time it will get easier and easier and once you have that proper tongue position that's when the mewing gains really start to roll in.

In the beginning it's going gonna be hard.

A good way to get used to what it feels like to activate the back third, is an exercise called the chin tuck.



Bring your chin a bit back kind of like you're trying to make a double chin.

Tuck your chin back and feel how your tongue curves up against the top of your palate.

You should feel the back third pressed up.

That's the position you should hold.

Do a few chin tucks to get it into position and practice strengthening the muscle.

Get used to having the back third up against the palate and over time you're going to be strong enough to maintain that full time when you're just at rest.

It's also going to be hard to breathe when you're doing this so just practice to develop the strength.

Don't try to do it all the time and sacrifice your breathing- I would say breathing is more important.... lel.

It's hard, but over time you're going to be able to maintain this all throughout the day including when you're sleeping.

For more information on chin tucking, check out this article 👇

How to Do Chin Tucking – Fix Your Back Posture (Safely)



It's going to be really hard to do this when you're sleeping in the beginning.

So just focus on being able to do it during the day and eventually you'll get the strength in your muscle for it to feel natural.

You will just do it naturally while you're sleeping, so give yourself the nights off until it happens naturally.

Mewing is difficult in the beginning and it's important to give yourself a break otherwise you might stop doing it and then you won't get any results.




3. Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back 💂‍♂️

This one is just as important as the other steps but it sounds super basic.

Almost NO mewing tutorials include back posture, even though mewing is impossible without it.

Most guys ignore this part.

And then tell me that mewing is too hard.

All these steps fit together like a puzzle.

You need all the pieces for it to work. So pay attention!

Having a straight back and shoulders, super boring right?

But without it it's like trying to make a pizza when you have fresh shredded cheese and this nice salami and homemade tomato sauce- but you don't have any dough.

You don't actually have the base of the pizza so all the other ingredients are useless.

That's what body posture is.

It's very hard to have the correct tongue posture without the correct back posture.

I won't go into too much depth about back posture- it's pretty simple.

If you need practice stand up against a wall and get used to what it feels like.

The most important thing is that you think about it when you're walking when you're sitting when you're working when you're at school is to actually think "how's my posture? okay" and just correct it.

Good back posture is a crucial step in learning how to mew properly
Make sure to sit up straight when you're at work or school

Quick recap of the first three steps of mewing:

1. Lips sealed super simple, relaxed

2. Tongue up against your palate not touching your teeth try to engage the whole tongue with the back up as well- that is the most important part!

3. Good back posture.

Stand up straight with your shoulders back and do the same when you're sitting down.




4. Swallow Using Only Your Tongue 🥤

Swallowing correctly will accelerate your results because it generates a huge amount of force against your upper palate.

If you didn't watch the mewing tutorial above- I recommend you do.

Just for this step, because it's hard to understand (and explain) the proper technique without a visual demonstration.

Start with your back teeth slightly touching and in the correct mewing posture.

Use the tip of your tongue to gather the spit and press it against the upper palate of your mouth.

Swallow hard and push that saliva down your throat.

While swallowing your cheeks and lips shouldn't move at all.

This is the most important part: when swallowing- your tongue should do all the work. Your cheeks and lips shouldn't move at all.

When viewing proper swallowing from the outside: you should see the Adam's apple move up and down.

The tongue pushing saliva down the throat shouldn't be noticeable from the outside.

Same goes for your head = it shouldn't move.

Move as little as possible.

It is just your tongue that does the work.

This step is probably impossible (at least it was for me) before you have the correct tongue posture.

Practicing each one of the other steps is crucial before you can even come close to doing this part correctly.

Don't worry if you can't do this in the beginning, because almost no-one can.

It's the end goal that you want to be working towards.

Right now i'm just demonstrating swallowing saliva but it's the same when you swallow water or you chew food.

You chew up the food with your teeth but it's just your tongue that scoops it up and does the swallowing.

You don't need your cheeks or lips and your head shouldn't move.




5. Chew Slowly With Your Mouth Closed 🦷 

If you don't chew correctly you're going to build the muscles in your cheeks which results in that  "bloated cheeks" look.

Never chew with your mouth open.

The wider your mouth is when you're chewing the more you're engaging the wrong muscles which can result in a bloated look.

One tip that makes this so much easier is to chew slowly.

Chewing slowly makes you actually eat less, so it's better for weight loss.

It makes you digest food better, so it's much better for your health.

Chewing slowly means you're more likely to chew with your mouth closed, which means it's easier to swallow with the correct technique using your tongue.

The correct chewing technique (using mastic or jawliner gum) can build your masseter muscles.

They're the muscles everyone wants on the side of the jaw.

See the link at the bottom of the page.

Remember: chew with your mouth closed... and chew slowly.



3 Best Mewing Alternatives (2023)

 🥇 The Jawliners
 🥈 Jawliner Gum
 🥉 Mastic Gum




Need Some Mewing Motivation?

If you're still skeptical about mewing... then you NEED to see this:

  • 100 Mewing Before and After Photos
  • The 7 Best Mewing Transformations on YouTube
  • My Personal Mewing Results (I share my secret hack)

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100 Mewing Before and After Photos that Will EXCITE you




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

😠 "Complete mewing tutorial eh? I know all about the correct tongue placement, but I just can't..."

I got you.

If something still isn't clear, whatever you're wondering about is probably a common concern.

If not, comment on one of my mewing tutorial videos (I always answer).


1️⃣ How to mew while you sleep

You won't be able to mew while you sleep.

Not in the beginning at least.

It's hard enough to maintain the tongue position while you're awake, so just forget about mewing while you're sleeping.

Focus on mewing during the day until it feels 100% natural and you don't have to think about it.

Eventually you'll automatically start mewing while sleeping.


2️⃣ Why can't I breathe while mewing?

This happens to everybody.

So don't worry.

Are you swallowing and then holding it to get the mewing tongue posture?

Well, that's not the right way to do it. Watch this. 

If nasal breathing is hard for you... then focus on that before trying to do the mewing tongue posture.

A lot of people can't breathe while mewing, because they can't breathe through their nose when they are NOT mewing.

Get comfortable with nose breathing before you worry about the mewing tongue posture.


3️⃣ Is it normal to produce so much extra saliva?


It will be pretty annoying for a while (with all that swallowing), but it will stop after the first few weeks.

Use the opportunity to practise your swallowing.

It generates a large amount of force up against your palate and it responsible for a lot of the changes that mewing can make on your face.


4️⃣ Should the tongue touch the front teeth while mewing?


Your tongue shouldn't touch your teeth at all while mewing.

If they're touching your bottom teeth, then your tongue isn't against your palate.

If your tongue is touching your upper, front teeth- then you need to move it back and place the tip behind your two front teeth.

It's going to be uncomfortable.

Adjusting your tongue to a new position is straining on lots of muscles in your face.

Just remember that the pain and discomfort will pay off big time with amazing mewing results in the future!


5️⃣ How long should I mew a day?

The more the better.

But that's not practical in the beginning.

Start with just 30 minutes a day and gradually work your way to more time everyday.

When you're learning how to mew, it's more important to have the correct mewing posture than worry about how long you mew every day.

Remember: mewing isn't an exercise.

It's a posture.

A new way of breathing and positioning your tongue.

That means you're going to mew for the rest of your life.

It's not an exercise you simply stop when you're happy with the results.


6️⃣ I've been mewing for 3 months and I haven't seen any changes!

Mewing takes time!

Some lucky people see results in a few months (usually teenagers).

But most people need 6+ months to see mewing results.

Make sure you're doing it right and keep at it!

Check out this article if you need some mewing motivation. 


7️⃣ Can you mew with braces?

Yes, you can.

But it will be more uncomfortable and it will take longer to see visible.

If you're a teenager with braces, it's probably best to wait until you get your braces off.

Braces are uncomfortable enough as it is, you don't need to make your life too hard.


This is the best mewing tutorial on YouTube



🍀  GOOD LUCK!  🍀


Thank you for reading my mewing tutorial. I hope I was able to help. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thank you!


Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

   Matt Phelps

    YouTuber & Founder of STEEL



P.S Mewing is only 1/3 of formula for getting your best jawline 👇

How to Get a Jawline in 2023


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