Is a Weak Jawline a Turn Off? Here's Why it's Considered Unattractive

  • by Matt Phelps

How Important is Your Jawline For Your Overall Appearance?

And 3 Things You Can Do About it


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Like it or not, a sharp, angular jawline is considered an attractive facial feature.

That's obvious.

But how important is it really?

Can you still be attractive without one?

Or are you cursed (or blessed) by your genetics?

Let's look at what having a "strong jawline" actually means.

What is says about you, and what you can do to change it


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Why Is a Strong Jawline Considered Attractive?

When a physical trait is considered attractive, it's usually because it's healthy.

It comes from our primitive "fight or flight" brains.

The animalistic part of us that wants to survive and wants our genes to survive– we want to have strong, healthy children.

The primitive part of our brains is attracted to "healthy" members of the opposite sex, because they have the highest odds of producing strong, healthy (and alive) children.

Here's 5 examples of why specific traits are attractive:

🌴 Being Tall

If you're bigger, then you're probably harder to kill.

That means you're going to be better at protecting the family and the tribe.


    💪 Being Muscular

    Same thing as above.

    Muscles mean you are physically strong: helpful for many tasks and are probably harder to kill.


      👁 Prominent Brow & Hooded Eyes

      A hooded brows protects the eyes - a crucial organ for information gathering and survival.


        🧼 Clear Skin

        Rashes and sores on the skin are visible signs of disease.

        Certain skin tags appear due to weak organs like the liver.


          💎 Strong Jawline

          On a dog this means they have a lot of biting power- their most formidable weapon.

          A strong jaw on a human means they are harder to injure or knockout if your were to hit them.

          It makes you harder to kill.


            10,000 years ago, "attractive" was all about survival.

            We don't have to struggle everyday just to survive anymore.

            But our brains haven't changed since then.

            Sure, we're far smarter.

            But that's because we have more accumulated knowledge as a species.

            Our raw computing power hasn't increased.

            Our brains still work the same way.

            That's why jawlines are thought to be attractive.

            It's leftover programming from our past.




            Is a Weak Jawline a Turn Off?

            No. It's definitely not a "turn off".

            Think about it: most people don't have decent jawlines anymore.

            Most of us are overweight, our diets are soft, and our daily habits are pretty stationary.

            Having a sharp jawline is a PLUS.

            But having a weak jawline isn't a NEGATIVE... because most people have weak jawlines.

            It depends on how bad your jawline is of course.

            But for 99% of men, you're doing just fine ;)

            There are millions of men and women out there who are super hot- who have weak jawlines.


            There's millions!

            Some people may have a weak jawline- but they've got a beautiful nose!

            Or sparkling eyes.

            Or thick luscious hair.

            Don't forget that there are hundreds of inputs into what makes you attractive.

            It's silly to focus on just one.




            Want to Improve Your Jawline? Here's What You Can Do...

            You're not stuck with the jawline you have now.

            If you're an adult (25+), it's not easy to change your facial bone structure in a short timeframe.

            But there's still quite a lot you can do...


            Marcel Schaar jawline transformation

            Marcel Schaar followed my "jawline formula"


            There's 3 steps to the jawline formula: mewing, chewing and slimming.

            I've already written an article with everything you need to know 👇

            How to Get a Sharper Jawline (The 7 Step Formula)




            🏁 SUMMARY 🏁

            There's hundreds and hundreds of features that determine your attractiveness.

            Don't stress over one of them.

            Good for you if you have a strong jawline (seriously, I mean that).

            But having a weak jawline isn't a negative- it's just neutral.

            I recommend you try the jawline formula and spend some time trying to improve your jawline.

            Mainly because it will boost your confidence!

            But once you're done with that, accept how you look and spend your time on more important things.



            🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

            Thank you for reading my article on whether a weak jawline is a turn off or not. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

            Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

               Matt Phelps

                YouTuber & Founder of STEEL



            P.S losing weight is probably the best thing you can do to improve your jawline. Check out what it did for these guys👇

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