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They Laughed When I Started Chewing... But When They Saw Me 3 Weeks Later!


Matt Phelps flexing

Me (in the middle) at 17 years old


A strong jawline makes you harder to kill. Believe it or not that's one reason I wanted one- to be able to absorb punches. Plus you look 10x better. Let me explain:

   I was 17 and I'd been working out for 3 years. I was pretty lean and had decent muscle mass. But I still had a baby face. I needed to suck in those chubby cheeks.

   I googled around and found this thing called mewing. It's all about having the correct tongue posture and breathing through your nose.

   Apparently lots of guys have success with it. So I learned the technique and got started. It worked.

   The flab under my neck started to disappear and I started to look more 'mature'. Goodbye baby face.

   Mewing works slowly. It puts your jaw in the right position. But its doesn't put any muscle on your jaw. I wanted a beefy jawline like Brad Pitt. That shouldn't be too hard right?


Do Any "Jawline Exercisers" Actually Work?

 Brad Pitt Jawline

Brad Pitt is famous for his jawline


I saw these rubber ball exercisers like Jawzrsize on Instagram. They're kind of like a mini apple. Maybe you've tried them?

   Anyway, the idea is simple- put it in your mouth and bite down on it. This seemed perfect. And after a 'workout' I could definitely feel my facial muscles getting sore.

   That was the problem though- I didn't want to workout my face! I wanted to workout the masseter muscle on the side of my jaw. It's the meaty part that flexes when you clench your jaw. 



Don't Make The Same Mistakes I Did!

matt phelps hiking

Cardio won't build muscle!


Those rubber balls activate the Pterygoid and Temporalis. Building those muscles makes your mid-face wider and gives you a 'round' face shape.

   Not a good look imo. Chewing and grinding up meat with your molar teeth- that's what widens your jaw.

   I read that boxers chew a ton of gum to strengthen their jaw. So I went nuts and started chewing a pack a day. I could feel it working the right places. But it took f o r e v e r.

   All the gums I tested were too soft. Once I got used to them, I needed to chew for hours everyday to get a workout.

   After 2 weeks it was like I was repping a 10lb bench press for 200 reps. I was basically trying to build muscle with cardio.



Sore Masseter Muscle = GROWTH

Bodybuilder jawline

Heavy weights is how you build muscle


I needed to chew something harder. Like adding weight to a bench press. After trying every gum to ever exist, I eventually found a special type of mastic gum.

   It's 10x (literally) harder than regular gum and f*** does your jaw feel it. I chewed for 15 minutes the first time and that was all I could handle for the rest of the day.

   After 20mins a day for a month- I had put 3mm of size onto both sides of my jaw. I don't know if it works that well for everyone or if I was just lucky.

   After years of experimenting I was surprised how simple it was. Now I just chew when I'm working.



I Got Compliments After 3 Weeks - So I Started Selling It

jawline before and after

Chewing mastic gum changed my entire jawline


More men are realising what Hollywood and BodyBuilders knew decades ago. Your jaw can be built like any other muscle.

   I wasted years. But the muscle grew quick and all my friends were suspicious. Until they tried it.

   Steel Jawline Gum makes a sharper jawline achievable for every man. Mewing and Chewing: It's the easiest way I know to get more attractive.



🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀 

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Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

   Matt Phelps

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How to Get a Sharp Jawline using Mastic Gum (Hollywood's Secret)


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