23 Jawline Before and After Weight Loss Pictures – AMAZING!

  • by Matt Phelps

Do You Have a Chiseled Jawline Hiding Under That Fat? 

Losing Weight Really Makes Your Jawline POP! It's Incredible!



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The #1 thing thing you can do to improve your appearance... and sharpen your jawline... is LOSING WEIGHT!

There's no other way to say it!

Deep down everyone knows it.

You see before and after weight loss photos online.

You watch the Biggest Loser contests slowly transformation how they look.

And you even notice how you look better every summer when you're thinner and have some color on your face (I'm talking about a tan).

So why don't more people focus on losing weight?

Because it's hard.

It's far easier to just pay someone to inject botox into your face.

Or pay someone to suck the fat out of your body (liposuction).

It's even easier (and cheaper) to just contour your face with makeup.

Women have been doing it for decades and now men are even starting to do it.

Lowering your body-fat percentage is the best thing you can do for your looks.

And for you confidence and health- but that's another story.

So if you want to improve your jawline- focus on shedding fat.

I guarantee you it is the lowest hanging fruit for you.

Let's look at 23 jawline before and after weight loss transformation pictures to see what's possible.

These should be seriously inspiring 👇




20 Jawline Before and After Weight Loss Pictures

These jawline transformations have all being carefully selected.

There's lots of jawline before and after pictures as a results or mewing, or chewing gum- these are just from weight loss.

Weight loss will give you a better jawline than you already have.

But I'll tell you below how you can combine these 3 core pieces to build a super chiseled jawline, by anyone standards!


jawline before and after picture


jawline before and after weight loss




female jawline transformation


losing weight for jawline


Chris Pratt Jawline Transformation


get rid of face fat


jawline weight loss


Marcel Schaar weight loss


weight loss for a tighter jawline


Adele weight loss transformation


weight loss effect on appearance


jawline before and after weight loss


defined jawline from weight loss


mewing and weight loss jawline transformation


defined jawline from losing weight


jawline before and after losing weight


jaw before and after losing weight


jaw before and after weight loss


massive weight loss jawline results


defined jawline after losing weight


masculine jawline after losing weight


amazing weight loss jawline




The 3 Step Jawline Formula

This is an incredibly effective formula that shouldn't be underestimated because of its simplicity.

Exercising more and eating less is a simple formula to lose weight, right? And it works.

Forget all the chit-chat you've heard about jawline and genetics.

You can improve your jawline very easily if you have the discipline to stick to a proven method.

For me, the hardest part of sticking to a routine... is knowing if it will work.

For working out, business or whatever.

You may have the work ethic, but you question whether you're dedicating your energy to the right thing.

Will this pay off?

Let me tell you something that will make it easier for you to put in the work:

If you follow all 3 steps of the jawline formula... I GUARANTEE you will get a better jawline and become attractive face.

That's enough hype. You ready?

Like I said, you'll might be disappointed at how easy these steps are.

But that's a good thing!

That means it's cheap and doable for you.



⚙️ Mewing – Set the Foundation of Your Face

Learn about mewing, watch a mewing tutorial, and get started!

Mewing will set your jaw in the right position, help give you hollow cheeks, and tighten up your neck and chin area.

Not convinced?

Check out these 100 mewing before and after photos.


💪 Chewing – Build the Right Muscle in Your Jaw

Build your jaw muscles, specifically the masseter.

Start chewing the Jawlinermastic gum, or jawline gum.

These are best way to grow and define your jaw muscles.

BodyBuilders have been doing this for decades- since the 70s.

Now, Actors and Models have caught on!


💎 Slimming – Chisel & Define You Face

I just showed you a bunch of images that prove how important it is to not be fat.

Most people have half-way decent jawline... but they're hidden by fat.

So go get lean to ensure that and your mewing and chewing gains are visible.


READ MORE: want more details? I go into the specifics of each step in this guide👇

How to Get a Chiseled Jawline (7 Step Guide)






There's no doubt that losing weight will improve your jawline.

In fact, it's the fastest way to improve your overall appearance.

But it's not fun. It's not sexy. It's hard!

But you're after results. You shouldn't care too much about how you get there.

It's all about the end goal and getting what you want – a chiseled jawline.

I've given you the jawline formula that I created after experimenting on myself.

Now go do it! And make sure you take a before and after photo and send them to me.

It always makes me happy to see men and women improving their confidence!




Thank you for checking out the jawline before and after weight loss pictures I've collected. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

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P.S looking for ways to get a sharper jawline? BY FAR the best thing you can do is build your masseter muscles👇

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