How to Chew Jawline Gum for MAXIMUM Results

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The Chewing Method Men Are Using to See Results in as Little as 3 Weeks


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  • 🤑 How to Grow the "Money Maker" Muscle: this section of your jaw structure needs a specific chewing method to grow.
  • ⏩ a SAFE and FAST Transformation: 3 workout routines to chisel your jawline as fast as possible without risking injury.


JAWLINER GUM TAKES YOUR jaw to the gym. There's a simple formula for building muscle like your arms and chest. But your jaw muscles are different. Let me explain:

   The masseter muscle is what you're trying to build. It's connects your lower jaw to your cheekbones and is the main chewing muscle.

Masseter literally means "to chew" in Greek- the same place Mastic gum comes from...

A diagram showing the masseter muscle on the side of the jaw
The masseter muscle is the muscle you want to build.


Hard chewing grows your masseter. It's been proven in multiple studies like this one. But it doesn't grow the same way your chest grows.

   The masseter is more like your forearms and calves. It needs regular and HEAVY stress to grow.

   You chew quite a lot everyday- yet you don't have big, strong jaw muscles. It's used to the soft foods you chew. You need shock it. You need to go HEAVY.




What Part Of the Masseter Muscle Does Chewing Mastic Gum Workout?

  • The Central Incisors (front 2 teeth): chewing with these teeth will grow the aesthetic lower portion of the masseter. That's the part at the bottom which makes your jaw look wider from the front.

  • Laterals Incisors & Canines: chewing with these teeth will grow the middle portion of the masseter. 

  • Molars & Wisdom Teeth (back teeth): chewing with the teeth at the back of your mouth will target the entire masseter- it's best more building the muscle quickly.



A diagram of the proper names for your teeth

Chew using a different teeth to get a fully developed jawline




Watch me explain how to chew mastic gum. Start at 2:55.




The Best Way To Chew Mastic Gum For Your Jawline

There's 3 things you need to know:

  1.  🦷 Chew using all your teeth; your incisors, canines and pre-molars and molars. This will ensure you workout all parts of your masseter muscle. 


   2. 😛 Chew using both sides. You want to build muscle on both sides.


   3. 😴 Make sure to stretch and rest. Give your muscle time to recover and grow.




Jawliner Gum Chewing Workouts


  • 20 mins chewing a day
  • Take a day off once a week
  • Continue for 2 weeks



  • 40 mins chewing a day.
  • Take a day off once a week
  • Continue for 3 months



  • 60 mins chewing a day. Every day.




Don't Forget to Stretch! 

Never trained your jaw before? It's going to get tight. Even if you're a regular jaw trainer- it's going to get sore and tight.

   Stretch after every workout. That's the best thing you can do to avoid pain and cramps.

   Don't worry, it's nothing dangerous. It's just like regular muscle soreness after going to the gym and training legs.

   Regularly do the stretches explained in the video below to ensure your muscles recover as fast as they can. So that you can train even harder!


I walk you through the best face and jaw stretches




Within Your First 4 Weeks You'll Look in the Mirror and See a Sharper Jawline!  – GUARANTEED

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