The 7 Jawline Types – How to Change Your Jaw Shape (Naturally!)

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 What Are the Different Types of Jawlines?

The ideal jawline is considered a symbol of beauty, confidence, strength, and youth.

   More influencers and celebrities are bragging their jawlines, making the rest of us think about what we must do about ours.

   Simply scroll through your IG feed and see how many celebrities display their perfect faces. Other pictures might have been edited with Photoshop and filters, but my point is, don’t you like it? 

   Whose jawlines would you consider desirable or beautiful? What is it that makes them look stunning? 

   When you think of women like Olivia Wilde, Angeline Jolie, and Bella Hadid, the line from the top of their chin out to their mandibular angle is smooth and strong. 

   When you think of men with amazing jawlines, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Hemsworth, and Brad Pitt come to mind. What makes their jawline so appealing?

   Well, it boils down to sharp chiseled angles and straight lines, like a fine sculpture. 

You see, there are many types of jawlines that you must know. This article discusses the most basic types and identifies which type of jawline is the most attractive.


What is a Jawilne? Why is it Essential?

Your jawline is determined by your lower jaw, and the outline is created towards the bottom of your face. It is also one of the many signs of attraction in both sexes, particularly men.

Studies found that masculine facial features are more appealing to women. Such facial features would include a prominent chin, narrow eyes, and a powerful jawline.

   The underlying reason is that strong masculine and physical traits are contributed to high testosterone levels and a healthy immune system.

On a biological level, women are naturally drawn to all of the above. On top of physical attraction, the jawline is also an indication of vitality and health.

   Somebody in a peak health condition will have a much more visible jawline than somebody who is overweight. 

   Having a strong jawline does not mean perfect internal health. However, it’s simple to determine by looking at somebody’s face whether or not they take good care of themselves. Likewise, a weak jawline does not equate to poor health.

   You see, a weak jawline refers to rounded, soft angles and a lack of definition along your lower jaw area. It is also oftentimes called a receding chin, especially if your chin curves back towards your neck. 

   Just as a weak jawline does not symbolize poor health, it also does not reflect a toned and in-shape physique for others.

If you have a weak jawline that does not reflect the rest of your carved body, then there are other ways around it. The most invasive method is by doing facial exercises to build up the muscles in the face for more definition.

Also, facial exercises are efficient and safe, particularly in combination with a healthy lifestyle.  



The Different Jawline Types


The triangle-shaped jawline has a broader square chin and jaw and a slimmer front. The hairline has many things to do with this face shape, as it often has more triangular features when it gets to a curving hairline.



This form has a small, sharp chin and a full front. It is also referred to as the inverse triangle face. Take note that the heart-shaped face offers you a chiseled jawline because it has a pointed chin feature.

This jawline type looks extremely attractive and adorable. 



High cheekbones and narrow, pointy chin are features of the diamond-shaped face. Most people tend to confuse this look and the heart face. However, the way to identify it is rather easy.

Remember that diamond-shaped people have a tight hairline, creating a diamond illusion. 



The round-shaped face is unique, thanks to its circular form. It differentiates from its leaner oblong and oval siblings. A smaller, more rounded chin, as well as wide lips, will make a circular shape for individuals with a round face. 



The square-shaped face is the most common and easy to distinguish thanks to its approximately the same dimensions. Square-faced people have extremely angular features, a full front, a notable chin, and a strong jawline. 



The oblong face is just a bit bigger and narrower compared to the rectangular picture. People with this face can have a slightly narrower chin, creating the form of an inverted egg. Compared to a rectangular face, its smooth, round corners distinguish the oblong face. 



The oval face is longer than broad, not to mention the jaw is much smaller than the cheeks. The oval face also feels great with any hairstyle since it is extremely proportionate. 

This type of face feels amazing, and any cut length feels good. 



What is the Most Attractive Jawline?

The jaw is one of the most defining features that any face could have. Defined and angular jawlines are the most attractive. If you have a strong jaw, your face will look better. 

   Take note that the jaw is what defines your face shape, and your face shape significantly contributes to how attractive you are.

   Also, the jaw plays an important role in balancing out the face. With the proper jaw, you can have an average face and transform it into a great face. Basically, the jaw is a feature that has the opportunity to make your face more appealing.

On the other hand, a weak jaw will do the opposite. 



Can Jawline Exercises Help You Get a Strong Jawline?

In case you didn’t know yet, there are at least fifty-seven muscles in the face and neck. While you concentrate on exercising the rest of the muscles from the next down, you are leaving out a few that can help you accomplish a good, healthy jawline.

   What’s more, your facial muscles are smaller, and thus, they will respond easily to exercise. That suggests you don’t need to wait to see results than trying to get washboard abs. 

   Also, by integrating facial exercises, not only jawline exercises, you will also shed fat from the face and tone the muscles. That can make your entire jawline prominent and improve your cheekbones.

   It will also enhance circulation, lessen tension, and provide your face with a much more relaxed look. 

Nonetheless, it is essential to mention that you will only get so far without exercise and healthy eating habits. Facial exercises alone will not help eliminate the fats.

   Thus, if you do not engage in healthy choices and routine exercises, it is time to begin. 



What Type of Exercises Can You Do to Improve Your Jawline?

Would you like to learn how to get a better and sharper jawline? The following exercises will help you get started. You can do these each morning after you wake up, and you will notice results in no time. 


The Vowel Sound

Facing forward, open your mouth as wide as possible. Start articulating E and O sounds. But try your best not to touch or show your teeth. 

The more you emphasize the sounds, the more you will engage the muscles around your lips and mouth. You can repeat that exercise fifteen times, slowly working your way up to doing three sets.


The Neck Curl

Lay on your back with the tongue pressed to your mouth’s roof. You will feel your neck muscle activate. Start lifting the chin to your chest. Do this routine slowly, lifting the head from the ground at least two inches first.

Begin by doing this exercise ten times, slowly building up to three sets of ten reps. Always take your time with that exercise as your neck muscles are small and underdeveloped. 


The Collarbone Backup 

While standing and keeping the head parallel to the floor, you can move your head back a few inches. Hold the position for fifteen minutes once you feel the neck contract. 

Repeat this ten times, slowly working your way up to a thirty-second hold. 


The Tongue Twister

Sitting or standing upright and facing forward, press your tongue to your mouth’s roof. Raise the pressure to add tension and start making a humming sound. Hold it for one deep breath. 


The Chin Lift

Keeping your mouth closed and looking straight ahead, push your lower jaw out while lifting your lower lip. You will feel a stretch in your jawline only below the chin. Hold that position for ten to fifteen seconds. Repeat it fifteen times. 



Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that every individual’s jawline is uniquely beautiful, and there’s no single treatment that works for everybody.

   The process may take more than one treatment session and more than one kind of treatment. 

Scientists have associated the jawline with testosterone levels, which often translate into higher immunity and virility.

   Also, a strong jawline is an indication of high testosterone levels, meaning greater strength for men. That results in women finding it more appealing than weaker jaws that would indicate low levels. 

There you have it! We hope everything in this guide has been informative and useful to you. Whose jawlines would you consider desirable and attractive? What is it that makes them amazing? 



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