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Lose Weight, Sharpen Your Jawline & 7 Other Benefits of Mastic Chewing Gum


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    What is Mastic Chewing Gum?

    Mastic gum is pieces of resin from the Mastiha tree. This special tree is found only on the Greek island Chios, where mastic gum has been harvested for over 2500 years.

       The hot and humid climate is ideal for the 6-month, laborious process. Every 4-5 days, cuts are made into the trees for the resin to drip from. After 15-20 days, the crystals solidify and fall off.



       Because of the way it falls from the tree in the form of crystalized tear drops, it's know as "the tears of Chios".

       Farmers then collect these small teardrops and wash them in natural spring water before packaging them.

       Mastiha farming is a big industry in South Chios and you'll find the trees everywhere.

       That's probably why Turkish name for Chios is "Sakiz Adasi", which means "the island of gum".


    Resin falling from a Mastiha tree

    Mastic gum is dried resin from the Mastiha tree




    Technically the mastic tree can be grown in many areas of the mediterranean.

       But only Chios mastiha forms the rare "tears", and only this particular mastic is used in dietary supplements to treat things like allergic reactions and bacterial infections.

       The purest and best mastic gum is grown in the southern part- Mastichochoria.

       A combination of the perfect soil and climatic conditions, plus long-term breeding is why this area's mastic gum is so unique.

       Mastic trees thrive in desolate, rocky and nutrient-poor soil. It does very well in dry periods.

       Frost is dangerous for the tree because of its shallow root system. Luckily frost isn't common in southern Chios. So it's rarely an issue!


    Mastichochoria in southern Chios

    Mastichochoria in southern Chios is where the purest mastic gum is grown



    5 Unexpected Facts About Mastic Gum's History

    • 🦷 The Word "Masticate" comes from Mastic Gum - mastic gum was named after the Greek word for "gnashing the teeth". Which is also the origin of the English word "Masticate" - which means "to chew".
    • 🥇 Mastic Was Worth More Than GOLD - during the Ottoman rule of Chios in the 18-19th centuries, the penalty for stealing mastic was death, because it was so valuable to the Sultan.
    • 🇹🇷 The Turkish Call Chios: "the island of Gum" - the Turkish name for is Sakiz Adasi, which means "island of gum". Chios is only 4 miles (7kms) from the Turkish coastline.
    • 🥘 Mastic is Used Extensively in Cooking - Greek, Cypriot, Lebanese and Syrian cuisine use mastic oil for baking and cooking. It's in things like brioches, ice-cream, Turkish delight, coffee, cakes, pastries and more.
    • ⛪️ Mastic oil is an Ingredient in Chrism - Chrism is a holy oil used by Orthodox churches during ceremonies.



    Mastic Gum Production

    The tree starts producing the mastic resin in its 5th or 6th year of life. Production peak after at15 years. After 70 years, the production of mastic from the tree is minimal.

       An average mastic tree yields about 150 - 180 grams of raw mastic gum every year.

       Some big (or special) trees give half a kilogram of mastic. Some poor producing trees can yield only 10 grams a year.

       There's a lot of work and maintenance that goes into producing the highest quality and cost-efficient mastic gum.

    Read more about cultivation and production of mastic gum here.


    Mastic gum production

    A farmer throwing Calcium Carbonate powder around the base of a Mastiha tree



    9 Benefits of Mastic Gum & Mastic Gum Oil


    💎 Mastic Gum Benefit #1: A Chiseled Jawline

    Chewing mastic gum is the best way to chisel your jawline. It's 10x harder than a regular chewing gum, never loses it's taste and is a superfood!

    Interested in using mastic to improve your jawline? Read these articles:



    ⚖️ Mastic Gum Benefit #2: Weight Loss

    Mastic help you lose weight in 2 ways:

    1. Healthier Gut Biome

    I don't have a study to back this up, just hundreds of anecdotes. I'm exactly sure why, but most people report extra weight-loss once they start chewing mastic gum.

       My theory is the antibacterial properties in Chios mastiha help restore a healthy gut biome. There haven't been any peer reviewed studies yet to confirm this.

       A bad balance of bacteria in the gut is a common blocker for people wanting to lose weight.

       Calorie restriction won't have any effect if they body (and gut!) isn't prepared to get rid of fat.

       Fermented foods and drinks like kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, and filmjölk aid weight loss by restoring healthy gut bacteria. I believe mastic chewing gum works in a similar way.


    2. Feel Full and Crave Nothing

    Millions of people chew gum between meals. The act of chewing itself can trick your brain into thinking you're eating, which means it will think you're full and tell your body that is full.

       Mastic's natural resin does that as well of course... BUT it works about 2x better.

       It's natural taste, freshness and micronutrients will make you feel especially satiated. You won't feel like snacking if your chew mastic gum between meals. Try it!


    ⛑ Mastic Gum Benefit #3: Prevent Liver Damage

    A 2007 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that ingesting 5 grams of mastic powder a day resulted in a decrease in hepatic biochemical indices of human subjects.

       What does that mean? I recommend you read the study, but it essentially means that mastic powder can have a liver and heart protecting role in humans.

       The heart is the engine of the body, and the liver is head of cleaning and maintenance. I do everything I can to keep them in top shape.



    🦷 Mastic Gum Benefit #4: Protects Your Teeth

    A 2003 study showed that this natural chewing gum is a useful anti-plaque agent in reducing the bacterial growth in saliva and plaque formation on teeth. Amazing - it will even freshen breathe!

       A follow-up study in 2014 supported these results further when it showed that is reduced bacteria in the mouth more than any other type of chewing gum.

    Start chewing today and maybe your next dentist bill will be less than expected!



    🦠 Mastic Gum Benefit #5: It's An Antibiotic

    There are literally dozens of studies proving that mastic is a natural antibiotic for bad bacteria. Here's a few:

    This is probably one of the "magical" properties that made mastic gum so valuable over the last few millennium.

       It's definitely the reason why it was chewed to freshen the breathe. It kills bad bacteria in the mouth and throat which is the cause of bad breath. 



    ❤️‍🔥 Mastic Gum Benefit #6: Treats Inflammation

    Mastic Gum is still used today to treat gastric ulcers and reduce inflammation. Regular chewing will leave you with a calmer stomach and less bloating.

       Research from a 2015 review suggests that mastic gum eases the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, a common form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

       In one study, people who took mastic gum for 4 weeks had significantly lower severity of their inflammatory symptoms.

       Decreased levels of IL-6 and C-reactive protein, which are markers of inflammation, were also found.



       Mastic gum anti-inflammatory properties have also shown to be effective against asthma.

       In a 2011 study on mice, mastic gum significantly stopped Eosinophilia, and stopped the production of inflammatory substances. It had a positive effect on lung fluid and lung inflammation.

       However, there haven't been any studies on humans yet... so further research is needed.



    📉 Mastic Gum Benefit #7: Lower Cholesterol

    A study in 2016 found that chewing mastic gum has a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

       The study participants chewed mastic gum for eight weeks had lower levels of total cholesterol than those who chewed other gums.

       The mastic gum chewers also experienced lower blood glucose levels- which are sometimes associated with high cholesterol levels.

    The effects were magnified on people who were overweight or obese. 



    🛡 Mastic Gum Benefit #8: Prevent Cancer

    Colon Cancer

    Mastic essential oil may suppress colon cancer. Research from 2017 found that mastic oil stopped the increase of colon cells in vitro. It reduced the growth of colon tumors in mice when give orally. Further studies on humans are needed to support these findings.


    Prostate Cancer

    A 2006 laboratory study found that mastic gum can inhibit an androgen receptor that might have an effect on the development of prostate cancer.

       Mastic gum weakened the function of the androgen receptor in prostate cancer cells. Again, more studies on humans are needed to support these findings.



    🫁 Mastic Gum Benefit #9: Clearer Airways & Deeper Breathing

    Mastic has a fresh and natural pine/cedar flavor that clears your sinuses. In the same way Lavender, Eucalyptus or Tea Tree does.

       Clearer sinuses and throat means you can breathe through your nose deeply.

       There's more research coming out everyday demonstrating that nose breathing is superior to mouth-breathing for everything from deeper sleep to living longer.

    Nose breathing is an important part of mewing. If you don't mew already, read this 👇

    What is Mewing - How it Works and How to Do it





    How to Chisel Your Jawline With Mastic Gum

    Mastic crystals have become insanely popularin the last 5 years. Because of the health benefits? Respect for this ancient tradition? No. Here's why:

    Mastic gum can build your jaw muscles.

       That's what got me so obsessed with mastic gum in the beginning. I was trying to improve my jawline by growing my masseter muscles- that's the main, meaty muscle on the side of your jaw.


    the masseter muscle is on the side of the jaw

    The masseter muscle is on the side of your jaw


       I tried all the rubber jawline exercisers on the market. But they don't do what you want them to... you'll end up getting a rounder face. Sure they build muscle, but not where you want it!

       Anyway, long story short: I discovered mastic gum. Within 3 weeks I had people asking me if I'd "done something to my face". You can read more about my jawline story here.


    Matt Phelps jawline

    I grew my masseter muscle significantly in just a few months


       When people ask me how I got my jawline, I tell them about the 3-step jawline formula I used:

    • ⚙️ Mewing - set the foundation of your face and jawline
    • 💪 Chewing - build your masseter muscle with mastic gum
    • 💎 Slimming - chisel and define your jawline by losing weight


    READ MORE: I break down every step and detail in this article 👇

    How to Get a Jawline in 3 Steps (Jawline Formula)



    🏁 Summary: 🏁

    📜 Mastic is ANCIENT!

    Mediterranean people have chewed mastic crystals for over 2,500 years. Mastiha is widely used in cooking and for its healing properties.

       Wars have even been fought over chios mastiha and at one point it was more valuable than gold!


    🏆 9 Benefits of Mastic Gum

    1. A Sharper Jawline 
    2. Accelerate Weight Loss
    3. A Healthy Liver
    4. Stronger Teeth
    5. Healthier Gut and Microbiome
    6. It Treats Inflammation
    7. Lowers Cholesterol
    8. Prevents Cancer 😮
    9. Clearer Airways & Deeper Breathing


    😍 Mastic Chewing Gum For Your Jawline

    Natural chewing gum like mastic is a popular method your improving your jawline.

       Because it's 10x harder than regular gum, it builds the masseter muscle of the jawline. It worked for me personally and I have 1000's of customers who love Steel – Mastic Gum.

    Don't know where to start? Which gum to buy? Start by reading this 👇

    The Best Chewing Gum For Your Jawline




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