Mastic vs Falim Gum – Which is Better For Your Jawline?

  • by Matt Phelps

What's the Difference Between Mastic & Falim Gum?


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Both Mastic and Falim gum are popular for their hardness. This extra resistance is why they're commonly used in the Mewing and Looksmaxxing communities – as a jawline exerciser.

   But which is more effective for improving your jawline? And what are the risks of excessively chewing these gums? Let's compare them and declare a winner 👇



What is Mastic Gum?

mastic gum

It's sap/resin picked off the Mastic tree- which is native to the Greek island, Chios.

   Mastic farmers literally make cuts into the tree and wait a few weeks. They come back and collect the dried sap before putting it through a cleaning and filtering process.

   So Mastic gum is 100% natural and has a long history of use in the mediterranean. And is still used widely in modern times.

   It really has a fascinating history, multiple health benefits, and wars were even fought over it. Read more about the history of mastic gum.




  • 💎 10x Harder Than Regular Gum – Mastic gum is significantly harder than Falim gum. This means it's a better workout for your masseter muscles You'll see visible changes to your jawline much faster.
  • 🌲 100% Natural – there's absolutely nothing added to it. It's picked from a tree, cleaned, and then shipped to you.
  • ♻️ Re-usable & Lasts Forever – this might sound weird... but you can chew the same piece of Mastic gum for many days. It never loses its fresh taste and doesn't become softer after being chewed. In fact it becomes harder!
  • 🥕 It's a "SuperFood" – this is why mastic is so valuable. It's has many natural enzymes and antioxidants that are used to treat stomach ulcers, reflux, for dental hygiene, as a skin regeneration agent, and for other ailments of the peptic system.



  • 💰 More Expensive – it takes over a year to grow and harvest Mastic Gum from the Mastic Tree. There's a limit to the supply on the market because it can't be mass produced in a factory. Hence why it's more expensive.
  • 🧩 Different Shapes & Sizes – again, it's not made in a factory. Pieces come in different shapes, sizes and densities because it is a 100% natural product.
  • 😋 Only 1 Flavour – Mastic gum has a natural flavor. You can't buy Strawberry-Bubblegum flavored Mastic gum– it's just got 1 flavor that not everybody likes it.


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What is Falim Gum?

Falim chewing gum

Falim is a popular chewing gum in Turkey- the country it is from. It's an artificial (but sugar-free) gum that gained popularity after the mewing community "discovered" it.

   The word "Falim" translates from Turkish to "My Fortune". Each pieces is wrapped in a piece of paper with a short message printed on it- like a fortune cookie. Pretty cool!




  • 🤑 It's Cheap – you can get a pack of 20 pieces for around $4. That's probably the cheapest jaw exerciser you'll find.
  • 🍬 Lots of Flavors – Because it's made in a factory, there are dozens of artificial flavors. If you don't like the taste of one, just try another!
  • 🏪 Easily Available – if you live in Turkey, Falim gum is in every supermarket, gas station or even every store. For everyone else, it's not hard to find on Amazon.




  • 🫐 Not Much Harder Than Regular Gum – it's still a better workout than regular gum... but not by much. It could be a good place to start for beginners before moving on to a harder gum.
  • 🏭 It's Artificial – this is the worst thing because most chewing gums are artificial. In fact, you probably haven't even tried a natural gum before have you? 
  • ☣️ It's Slightly Toxic – Falim contains 2 synthetic antioxidants; E321 and Butyl hyrdoxytoluene. They're used to prevent the gum going rancid and to maintain its white color. These compounds are suspected of being highly toxic for the liver, kidneys and retina as well as elevating cholesterol levels.
  • 😐 Loses its Taste Fast – some people say Falim is tasteless. In my experience, Falim gum had a taste, but it disappeared quickly. After chewing for a few minutes the texture can also become quite rubbery and I had to add another piece. 




Which is Better: Mastic Gum vs Falim Gum

  🏆 Mastic Gum 🏆 Falim Gum
Jawline Results





SUMMARY: Mastic vs Falim Gum

And the winner is... Mastic Gum! Of course it depends on your budget and your goals.

   But most people would agree with my analysis that Mastic Gum is more effective for chiseling your jawline than Falim gum.

   If you want to see how these 2 chewing gums rank against other rubber jawline exercisers... I compare them all here 👇

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P.S chewing gum regularly has more benefits than just improving your jawline👇

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