Mewing Before and After – 100 CRAZY Progress Photos

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Thousands Are Posting Their Mewing Before and After Photos on YouTube. Are These Mewing Results Legit?


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WANT A SHARPER JAWLINE without getting surgery? More defined cheekbones and an angular face?

   That's what "mewing" claims to do. And that's why it's going more viral than a good TikTok video:

Mewing search results trends

 Growth of Google searches for "mewing" related keywords


Mewing as a facial restructuring technique has been around since 1981. But in October 2017, there was only 10,590 Google searches for "mewing".

   Mike Mew (son of the discoverer of mewing) started posting mewing tutorial videos on Youtube in early 2018. It got picked up by the r/looksmaxxing community and went viral. Now everyone is posting their before and after mewing pics in subreddits and on YouTube.

244,830 people search for mewing results each month   

Still don't know what mewing is? Start Here: 

How To Mew in 5 Steps (Complete Mewing Tutorial)



100 Mewing Before and After Photos 

Need motivation? I collected 100 mewing before and after photos


Is Mewing Fake Though?

Nobody thinks good back posture is a scam. Good back posture will make you taller, stronger and physically more attractive.

   How is mewing any different? It's how we are made to breath, chew and rest our tongue. If you do these how we are designed to- then you'll slowly start looking how we humans are supposed to.



Have you ever wondered "why" clear skin is attractive? Why muscular bodies are attractive on men and why thick, strong hair is attractive on women?

   Healthy is attractive. Literally. What we find attractive is health. It's how we're programmed from the old days when everything was a fight for survival. To choose a mate to create your offspring, you had to make sure they survived. Plus you wanted strong, healthy genes in your children- so they survived too!



For mewing doubters: is there no such thing as a "correct" way to breath? Does how you use your tongue, which is the strongest muscle in your body, not matter at all? Do the muscles in your face not change at all from exercise or disuse?

   All these before and after mewing pics you're seeing in your feed... they are the result of being more "healthy". Mewing tongue posture is not an exercise. It is just the correct, healthy posture our bodies were designed to have.



Does Mewing Work? 

Why An Improved Jawline (without surgery) Isn't Too Good To Be True 

Ok, it's a big trend and everybody is talking about it. But does mewing work? Are there studies that support all these mewing before and after photos or are they fake?

Yes and No.

   There are multiple studies more or less proving that tongue posture affects jaw and facial shape. Here's a few:

   BUT, none of these studies prove that it makes you more attractive. That isn't something a scientific study or review can decide. That's why many skeptics say there is no scientific evidence that these results are from mewing.

 despite some amazing transformations some people think mewing is a scam

This commenter didn't even try mewing before concluding it is a scam


I'm Not Waiting For The Studies To Catch Up

   We're in the early stages of this discovery. I saw my friend's face tighten up and become more masculine in 8 months from mewing.

   I didn't need "evidence" from a scientific study- I saw it happen in front of my eyes!

My Jawline Before & After Story - Matt Phelps

NOTE: Mewing is spreading like wildfire and it won't slow down. Scientific evidence for mewing will keep on increasing and sooner or later there will be a concrete clinical study on this subject. Until then, keep mewing.


"Theory" Comes Out Of Practice

Many wonder if mewing is a scam. This quote demonstrates that all great discoveries are thought to be fake in the beginning
Mewing still has a lot of doubters

   In the 1950s they used to sell meth behind the counter at every pharmacy. People were going crazy and their teeth were falling out- but there were no studies (at the time) saying meth was bad for you!

   It wasn't until 20 years later that they banned meth. Apparently it is really, really bad for you 🤷‍♂️.

   My point is: don't wait for the theory to catch up to what's working in practice. I guess if it was obvious it worked everyone would have been doing it for decades. And besides...

Mewing Isn't Magic - It's Just Proper Posture

   Read up the full story behind mewing transformations and you'll find it's not a magic pill. Rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth and breath through your nose. Do that for the rest of your life and you face will change for the better. Voilà!

   Mewing results don't come quickly or easy. It's a lot of hard work and almost no one that starts mewing actually sticks to it. It's simple to learn, but hard to do.





7 Amazing Mewing Before and After Jawline Transformations 

Some mewing before and after videos are mind-blowing. Others are simply "ok". I've picked these 7 examples because they had YouTube videos proving them and explaining how they did it.

   I've seen some even more incredible mewing before and after pics than these. But for privacy reasons I can't share those with you.

Let's start with YouTube's jawline king...


1. Brett Maverick

Brett is a chad with a jawline like Brad Pitt. He started out with decent genetics imo but he took it to the next level. Here he tells the story of how he used chewing gum to build his masseter muscles.

Brett is the Jawline and Mewing YouTuber king- check him out if you haven't



2. Justin Nguyen

Justin committed for 4 years and has some drastic mewing results to share.

Check out Justin's 4 year mewing transformation



3. Austin Helton (Astro)

Astro is the OG YouTube mewer. He help popularise mewing by sharing his incredible mewing transformation with great before and after photos.

Astro's mewing transformation took him from zero to hero


4. Joey Saves

Joey lost a bunch of weight and got shredded. He's also one of the top resources for mewing tutorial videos on YouTube.

Joey is a super inspiring dude that is on a self-improvement rocketship


5. Tina Tomato

The older you are the harder it is to get mewing results. That didn't matter to Tina. Watch her 1 year mewing transformation at age 28.

The only girl on this list, Tina is a minimalist with a lot to teach.


6. Tomazzo

8 months isn't long in the mewing world. But it was long enough for Tomazzo to get some solid mewing results. Follow his journey on YouTube.

An up-and-coming YouTuber who focuses on mewing and self-improvement


7. Taha Muneeb

Taha built himself a super aesthetic jawline in a short period with mewing. I'll be keeping track of his progress.

Taha had some super quick results with mewing

And a bonus one... 👇


Matt Phelps (me lol)

I transformed my facial bone structure in 13 months at age 26. So I know mewing works.


13 months is all it took to transform my jawline with mewing



40 Mewing Before And After Photos

Decide for yourself if mewing "works"...

 a successful mewing before and after transformation (1)

a before and after mewing picture

 Another successful mewing before and after transformation 

Astro is famous for his mewing before and after photos he uploaded onto YouTube 
Multiple photos of mewing before and after results 
mewing before and after photos from the front and side

 a successful mewing before and after transformation that occured during puberty 

A mewing transformation with no timeline

 fantastic before and after mewing transformation 

A double chin is removed in this mewing before and after transformation

 This boy's masseter muscle grew significantly in this before and after mewing pic 

Some mewing before and after transformations take place in a few months 
Not the most dramatic mewing transformation but still very significant 
This man's mewing before and after transformation gave him the "hollow cheeks" look 
This man become more masculine looking during mewing before and after transformation

 A fast mewing transformation for this teenage boy 

Great mewing results in a short time 
A successful mewing before and after photo collage for this young woman

 A very nice jawline appeared after this man started mewing 

A mewing before and after photo transformation

a successful mewing transformation for this man in his 20s

1 year mewing transformation
1 year mewing transformation
a 3 year mewing before and after progress photo
6 year mewing progress photo
a very significant before and after mewing progress picture
gamer guy mewing before and after photo
Astro's side profile mewing progress photos
YouTuber Derek's mewing before and after progress photos
mewing helped define this girl's jawline
teenager's mewing transformation
mewing or puberty?
Male mewing transformation
a sharper jawline from mewing
a female mewing before & after picture
girl mewing results photo
jawline results from mewing
double chin disappeared from mewing
progression photo of a mewing transformation
Hollow cheeks from consistent mewing
a sharp jawline from mewing



And A Bonus One...

My Mewing Before And After StoryMatt Phelps mewing transformation


That's me 👆. Combining mewing and jawline gum gave me a superhero jawline in 13 months (sorry I know that sounds narcissistic, but it really does look good). 

   Thousands of men and women are now getting results with mewing. But it's only 1/3 of the formula to getting the best jawline genetically possible. Building your masseter muscle with Jawline Gum is the next step. Find out more here 👇

How To Get A Sharp Jawline With Mastic Gum (Hollywood's Secret)



How to Get Faster Mewing Results

1. Focus on Nose Breathing FIRST 👃

Every mewing beginners struggles with breathing. The trick is to learn how to nose breath before you try to change your tongue posture. Have you been breathing through your mouth your whole life? Then it will be too hard to start nose-breathing AND change your tongue posture at the same time.

How to start breathing through your nose:

  1. Close your mouth and breathe in and out through your nose
  2. Try to do this all throughout the day
  3. Not getting enough air? Close your eyes, sit down and take 15 deep breaths through your nose. 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out.


2. Start Mewing With the Tip of Your Tongue FIRST 👅

You probably know that it's the back of the tongue that matters. It needs to be up against the palate for mewing to yield results. But what if you can't get the back third of the tongue up?

   In that case, start with front of the tongue up against the palate and breathe through your nose. Take a few weeks to get used to that position. As your muscle get stronger and more used to this position- gradually try to get more of your tongue up against the palate.

   After a few months you should be able to get the entire tongue up against your palate. Woohoo! That's the perfect mewing tongue posture!


3. ONLY When You're Ready: Do Hard Mewing 🔨

Warning: hard mewing can accelerate negative effects, like asymmetry, if you aren't mewing correctly.

Once you are sure you are mewing correctly, AND ONLY THEN- can you try hard mewing. It's basically just regular mewing but applying more pressure to your palate than is natural. Watch this before even thinking about trying:

How to Do Hard Mewing and Get Faster Mewing Results



Mewing + Chewing + Slimming

Are you after amazing mewing results? Want your own mewing before and after picture that will shock people?

   There's 3 steps to chiseling your jawline. Mewing is the foundation for the other 2, but it's still just the first step. This site is dedicated to helping you get the best jawline genetically possible. My formula for that is:

Chiseled Jawline = Mewing + Chewing + Slimming


How I Help You Get Jawline Results

  • YouTube Tutorials That Make Mewing Easy to Understand: take a shortcut and learn from someone who has already done it. Matt Phelps YouTube Channel is full of tutorials that will help you "jump the queue".
  • Up-to-Date Scientific Research So You Stay Ahead: on this site I go into more detail about the physical mechanics behind mewing, chewing and slimming. I get up to date with the latest research and bring it to you in a simplified format.
  • The Fastest Way to Build Your Jaw Muscles - Jawline Gum: my mastic gum pieces are hand picked by private farmers on the Greek island Chios. They are thoroughly washed and filtered 2 times to make sure only the hardest and clearest mastiha crystals remain. It's the fastest way to grow your masseter muscles. Read about the "rebirth" of mastic gum and how 3 weeks is all it took.


🍀  GOOD LUCK!  🍀

Thank you for checking out all the mewing before and after photos I collected. If you enjoyed the article, please share it with your friends - thank you!


Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

   Matt Phelps

   Founder of STEEL®

P.S Can't get enough of jawlines and facial improvements? Check out some of these insane jawlines for motivation 👇

10 Strongest Jawlines in the World


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