Mewing Before and After Results – 100 CRAZY Photos (All Ages)

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Everybody is Posting Mewing Before and After Photos on YouTube...

Are These Mewing Results Legit?


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WANT A SHARPER JAWLINE without getting surgery?

More defined cheekbones and an angular face?

That's what "mewing" claims to do.

And that's why it's going more viral than a good TikTok video:

Mewing search results trends

Growth of Google searches for "mewing" related keywords


Mewing as a facial restructuring technique has been around since 1981.

But in October 2017, there was only 10,590 Google searches for "mewing".

Mike Mew is a British Orthodontist who started posting mewing tutorial videos on Youtube in early 2018.

It got picked up by the r/looksmaxxing community and went viral.

Now everyone is posting their own before and after mewing pics in subreddits and on YouTube.

244,830 people search for mewing results each month   

Still don't know what mewing is?

Start Here: 

How To Mew in 5 Steps (Complete Mewing Tutorial)




The 6 MOST Amazing Mewing Transformations 

Some facial structure improvement videos are mind-blowing.

Others are simply "ok".

I've picked these 7 examples because they had YouTube videos proving them and explaining how they did it.

I've seen some even more incredible case studies pics than these.

But for privacy reasons I can't share those with you.

Let's start with YouTube's jawline king...


1. Brett Maverick

Brett is a chad with a jawline like Brad Pitt.

He started out with decent genetics imo but he took it to the next level.

Here, he tells the story of how he used chewing gum to widen his lower jaw and build his masseter muscles.

Brett Maverick mewing results

Brett is the Jawline and Mewing YouTuber king- check him out if you haven't


Click here to see the video here 👉 Brett Maverick Jawline Transformation



2. Justin Nguyen

Justin committed for 4 years and has some drastic mewing results to share.

Justin Nyguyen mewing

Check out Justin's 4 year mewing transformation


Click here to see the video here 👉 Justin Nyguyen Transformation



3. Austin Helton (Astro)

Astro is the OG YouTube mewer.

He help popularise mewing by sharing his incredible mewing transformation with great before and after photos.

Astro mewing

Astro's mewing transformation took him from zero to hero


Click here to see the video here 👉 Astro Facial Structure Update


4. Joey Saves

Joey lost a bunch of weight and got shredded.

He's also one of the top resources for tongue posture videos on YouTube.

Joey Saves mewing

Joey is a super inspiring dude that is on a self-improvement rocketship


Click here to see the video here 👉 Joey Saves Improved Facial Structure


5. Tina Tomato

The older you are the harder it is to get mewing results.

That didn't matter to Tina.

Watch her 12 month mewing transformation at age 28.

Tina Tomato mewing

The only girl on this list, Tina is a minimalist with a lot to teach.


Click here to see the video here 👉 Tina Tomato Facial Structure Changes


6. Tomazzo

8 months isn't long in the mewing world.

But it was long enough for Tomazzo to get some solid mewing results.

Follow his journey on YouTube.

Tomazzo mewing

An up-and-coming YouTuber is the reason many people discovered mewing


Click here to see the video here 👉 Tomazzo Tongue Posture Results 




40 Mewing Before And After Photos

Decide for yourself if mewing "works"...

 a successful mewing before and after transformation (1)

a before and after mewing picture


 Another successful mewing before and after transformation 

Astro is famous for his mewing before and after photos he uploaded onto YouTube 
Multiple photos of mewing before and after results 
mewing before and after photos from the front and side

 a successful mewing before and after transformation that occured during puberty 

A mewing transformation with no timeline

 fantastic before and after mewing transformation 

A double chin is removed in this mewing before and after transformation


 This boy's masseter muscle grew significantly in this before and after mewing pic 

Some mewing before and after transformations take place in a few months 
Not the most dramatic mewing transformation but still very significant 
This man's mewing before and after transformation gave him the "hollow cheeks" look 
This man become more masculine looking during mewing before and after transformation

 A fast mewing transformation for this teenage boy 

Great mewing results in a short time 
A successful mewing before and after photo collage for this young woman

 A very nice jawline appeared after this man started mewing 

A mewing before and after photo transformation

a successful mewing transformation for this man in his 20s

1 year mewing transformation
1 year mewing transformation
a 3 year mewing before and after progress photo
6 year mewing progress photo
a very significant before and after mewing progress picture
gamer guy mewing before and after photo
Astro's side profile mewing progress photos
YouTuber Derek's mewing before and after progress photos
mewing helped define this girl's jawline
teenager's mewing transformation
mewing or puberty?
Male mewing transformation
a sharper jawline from mewing
a female mewing before & after picture
girl mewing results photo
jawline results from mewing
double chin disappeared from mewing
progression photo of a mewing transformation
Hollow cheeks from consistent mewing
a sharp jawline from mewing




My Mewing Before And After StoryMatt Phelps mewing transformation


That's me 👆.

Combining mewing and jawline exercise equipment gave me a defined jawline in 13 months (sorry I know that sounds narcissistic, but it really does look good). 

Thousands of men and women are now getting results with mewing.

But it's only 1/3 of the formula to getting the best jawline genetically possible.

Building the masseter muscle in your lower jaw using jawline trainers is the next step.




🍀  GOOD LUCK!  🍀

Thank you for checking out all the mewing before and after photos I collected. If you enjoyed the article, please share it with your friends - thank you!



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