10 Mewing Mistakes That Are Slowly DEFORMING Your Face

  • by Matt Phelps

⚠️ MAKE SURE You're Not Making Any of These Common Mewing Mistakes (No. 5 is the Most Dangerous) ⚠️

Mewing Can Be Life-Changing... If You Do it Right!


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⛔️ Mewing Mistake #1: Only Putting the Tip of the Tongue Against the Palate

This is by FAR the most common mistake. I get hundreds on messages everyday:

"Matt, I've been mewing for 2 months and haven't seen any results? Am I too old for mewing?"

   The answer is NO: you're not too old. You're not seeing results, because you're not actually mewing! It's easy to put the tip of your tongue against the palate. It's easy and it doesn't do anything!


The root of the tongue should be against the palate

It's crucial to have the back of the tongue (root of tongue) against your palate. Not doing this is the number one mewing mistake.



If you can't put the back third of the tongue against the roof of your mouth- just relax. That's ok. Almost nobody can in the beginning.

   Start by just putting as much of the tongue against the palate as you can. If it's only the front 30% of your tongue- that's ok. As you get more comfortable with this position, gradually try to get more of your tongue up there. Eventually your muscles will be strong enough (and flexible enough) to hold the entire tongue up there.



Having the tip of your tongue against your palate without the rest of your tongue... is VERY unnatural. 

   What normally happens is that the tip of the tongue ends up resting against the front teeth = BAD. If you do this long enough, you will start to push your teeth outward, potentially creating "buck teeth" or making gaps between them.

   With the correct mewing tongue posture, the tongue isn't long enough to reach your front teeth. So it's impossible to make this mewing mistake.


NEED HELP: if you're still not sure how to mew, or you haven't actually found a good tutorial, check out this one 👇

How to Mew Properly in 5 Steps (Complete Guide)



⛔️ Mewing Mistake #2: Not Learning How to Nose Breath FIRST

Step #1 of mewing is: close your mouth and seal your lips lightly. How are you going to breathe through your mouth when it's closed, eh?

Mewing has two main components that work together to give the incredible results that everyone is talking about:

  1. Nose breathing
  2. Tongue posture

   TBH: It's partly my fault that people are confused about this. I realised that my mewing tutorials don't make it clear that you can't do the correct tongue posture without nose breathing, that's just how it is.


Here's what you need to do:

  •  👃 Learn to Nose Breathe FIRST - close your mouth and learn to breathe deeply through your nose during the day and when you sleep. This will be hard for people that have been mouth breathing their entire life. But just one part of mewing can make you live longer, need less sleep and many more benefits.
  • 👅 Try the Mewing Tongue Posture AFTER Nose Breathing - this will make your life so much easier. You won't have to struggle with two new things at once. You'll also learn to mew much quicker and have far lower risk of doing anything wrong. Faster results too 😏




Learning to nose breath and the correct tongue posture at the same time... is to hard. You won't be able to learn both at the same time. And what will happen is:

  • You won't be able to breathe
  • You won't be able to do the right tongue posture
  • It'll be super uncomfortable
  • You'll get discouraged
  • And you'll quit

OR WORSE: you'll be mewing wrong and breathing wrong, but you'll keep forcing yourself to do it. You'll get nowhere and be very uncomfortable while doing it.




⛔️ Mewing Mistake #3: Thinking That Mewing is an "Exercise"

Let's get something straight: mewing is NOT an:

  • Exercise
  • Workout
  • Technique

   When I was a teenager, my Mum always told me to: "stand up straight"! I would sometimes slouch and have bad back posture. Whenever she'd tell me, I'd realise I was slouching and correct it.

"Is Good Back Posture an Exercise?"

Standing up straight is how humans are supposed to stand. That's how I think about mewing: it's how humans are supposed to breath and rest their tongue.

   It sounds lame, but mewing is a way of life. You're not supposed to do it until you get results and then stop. You're supposed to learn it, do it, and never stop doing it.


MEWING BENEFITS: if you want to know more about why mewing is so fantastic, you'll find a list of the amazing benefits here 👇

What is Mewing and How Much of it is Actually Science?




  • If You Stop Mewing, the Results Will Fade Away: It's the same as with building muscle. You can't expect to keep your new muscles forever if you stop going to the gym.
  • If You're Not in it FOREVER, You'll Give Up Too Soon: as I said earlier, mewing is a way of life. It's not a diet, that you do to get results and then scrap when you've got them. If you think about it this way, you won't be motivated enough to get through the tough times. AND there are tough times. It can take weeks or months just to learn how to mew correctly. THEN it will take months to actually get results.



⛔️ Mewing Mistake #4: Swallowing and Then Holding That Position

Getting the back third of the tongue against the palate is HARD. It's hard to do, and it's hard to know IF you're doing it. So how do you know?

   I don't know who, but someone has been telling mewing beginners that they should swallow and then hold that position. They've been told that that is the correct tongue posture...

   It's NOT. Swallowing contracts your entire throat to squeeze food down your oesophagus. Mewing newbies are always wondering why they can't breathe when mewing. This is why! Because your throat is basically blocked/closed!


Why Swallowing isn't the Correct Mewing Tongue Posture

  • It Blocks Your Airway - how you going to breathe bro?
  • It's NOT the Right Tongue Posture - lol that should be reason enough to stop.


In the video below, I list 2 ways to know if you're mewing correctly: 1) the "sing" technique and 2) the chin up hold. Check it out 👇


It can takes months to learn the correct mewing tongue posture. There's a few "cheats" to get the proper posture quicker




This one isn't terrible I guess, but it's demotivating. I estimate that this is the #1 reason why men and women give up on mewing: they can't breathe.

   You can't "push through the pain" very long if you cant breathe. So people give up. They try mewing (by swallowing and holding), can't breathe... and give up!

   The worst thing you can do is give up before you've even learnt the correcting tongue posture. For most, this part is so hard because they're missing the other steps of mewing. So make sure you're doing all 5 steps!



⛔️ Mewing Mistake #5: Hard Mewing Before You Can Even Mew Correctly

Hard mewing is why some people... get negative results. That's right, mewing is a double-edged sword, it's sharp of both sides.

Mewing INCORRECTLY has major side-effects:

  • 🎭 Facial Asymmetry - this is where one side of your face looks different to the other. Once side can be more defined, have more muscle or even have a different shape.
  • 🦷 Gaps Between Your Teeth - If you don't apply even pressure across your palate, you can "push" your teeth apart. Hard mewing accelerates this process
  • 🍕 Double Chin - mewing incorrectly and still applying pressure with only the tip of your tongue can make a "bulge" appear under your chin. It's literally the opposite of what you're trying to do with mewing!


      Don't do hard mewing unless you are 100% sure you are mewing correctly



      ⛔️ Don't hard mew unless you're 100% sure that you know how to mew correctly ⛔️


      Who Should Do Hard Mewing?

      • Been mewing for 3+ months
      • Can get the back of your tongue against your palate
      • Can breathe through your nose with your mouth closed
      • Don't have to "think" about mewing. You just do it.



      This is mewing mistake #1 in my book. Facial asymmetry, crooked teeth and a double chin? That's awful!

         If you steer clear of hard mewing, then you massively reduce the risks of mewing. Hard mewing isn't necessary.



      ⛔️ Mewing Mistake #6: Touching Your Front Teeth With Your Tongue

      By pushing against or touching your front teeth with your tongue... you will move your teeth. If you already have ok aligned teeth, this is horrible. If your teeth aren't great, this could make it worse.


      ALL mewing tutorials clearly state:

      Do not touch your teeth with your tongue. Your tongue should be resting behind your front teeth. NOT TOUCHING THEM!


      So why do people still do it?? Because they're too eager for results and don't take the time to perfect their mewing technique. Or even take the time to learn it at all.'

      mewing tongue position

      Your tongue should be resting behind your teeth, not touching them at all. 




      Nobody want crooked teeth! Or buck teeth! The negatives effects of this mewing mistake cannot be undone easily. Yes, correct mewing can fix this issue over time (maybe a long time). But in many cases, orthodontic help will be needed to correct it.

      It's not the end of the world, but it's unnecessary and expensive. Once again, make sure you learn how to mew correctly. Pay careful attention and don't skip any steps!



      ⛔️ Mewing Mistake #7: Having Your Mouth Too Far Open

      Can't get the back of your tongue against your palate? One reason could be because your mouth is too far open. Your tongue probably can't reach the palate!

         In my mewing tutorial (if you haven't seen it GO WATCH IT) I say in the first step: lightly close your mouth with your teeth touching. Lots of people seem to skip that step and try to start mewing like this down👇

      Incorrect mewing teeth position

      This is incorrect: when mewing, your teeth shouldn't be apart like in this diagram


      This is the how your teeth should be aligned before you even try to put your tongue against your palate 👇


      The correct mewing mouth position

      Correct: your teeth should be closed together like in this diagram




      It's a total waste of time. You won't ruin your face or anything, but you also won't see results. So make sure you stop and ask yourself every time you start mewing: "Are my teeth lightly touching?"



      ⛔️ Mewing Mistake #8: Trying to Mew While Chewing and Talking

      Just forget it. Mewing is hard enough as it is. You don't need to try to do it every second. Focus on doing it when you have time and are relaxed.

      "You don't mew when you're eating and talking. Your tongue is moving too much."

      MY ADVICE: forget about the tongue posture when talking and chewing. BUT, if you want, practice the mewing swallow.




      Mewing is supposed to make your life better- not worse! You don't want to be sitting around with friends, be acting all weird and not being able to breathe.

         You spend plenty of time alone working or studying. Use that time to perfect your mewing technique.



      ⛔️ Mewing Mistake #9: Pinching Your Cheeks Between Your Teeth

      Don't suck in your cheeks when mewing. People do this to get the hollow cheeks, duckface, or pout look. It messes up your mewing posture. Let me explain:

      Don't suck in your cheeks while mewing

      Don't suck in your cheeks while you are mewing.


         Your teeth need to be touching and your mouth closed. To suck in your cheeks, your teeth have to be separated. So mewing and sucking in your cheeks can't be done at the same time. But don't worry:


      ✅ Mewing will give you hollow cheeks without you having to "suck in your cheeks" 


      PRO TIP: go back and read mewing mistake #7. Make sure your teeth are touching and you aren't trying to suck in your teeth.




      Again, mewing is a waste of time if you're not doing it correctly. You won't ruin your face, but you also won't see results. Every time you start mewing make sure you ask yourself: "Are my teeth lightly touching?"




      ⛔️ Mewing Mistake #10: Thinking That Mewing Will Make You Look Like a Model...

      Mewing is just one arrow in your quiver. One tool in the toolbox. Get what I'm saying? Mewing isn't enough by itself.

         Your expectations might be too high. People see amazing mewing transformations and think that will happen to them. It could, but the odds are low. You don't see the all the thousands of transformations that are just "pretty good". Those YouTube videos don't go viral.


      Mewing won't turn you into a model... but it will make your more attractive over time.


         Mewing is the first step of my jawline formula. It will set the proper foundation for your facial bone structure and improve your health in numerous aspects.


      What you need to do 

      • 🥇 Realize That Mewing is Only Step #1 - it's a perfect start, but it's only a start. Down below I'll tell you the next 2 steps.
      • 🔻 Lower Your Expectations - mewing can do amazing things for your appearance, but please don't expect them.
      • ☀️ Your Appearance Doesn't Really Matter (Seriously) - it's not the end of the world if you don't look like a supermodel. Anyway, you're way more attractive than you think.




       Life is short. Don't waste too much time wishing you looked differently. You may not have the looks you want, but you're incredibly lucky and have been blessed in hundreds of other ways.

         MY ADVICE: learn how you can improve your appearance- and go do it. Especially if it makes you healthier and happier. BUT, don't go too far. Don't spend too much time thinking or worrying about it. There's more important things you should spend your energy on.



      How to Get a Jawline (The 3 Steps)


      ⚙️ Step #1:  MEWING - Set the Foundation

      Now you know what NOT to do. If you don't know what to do, read and watch this tutorial on how to mew.

         I say that mewing is the foundation of a good jawline because mewing will set your jaw in the right position. Some secondary effects are hollow cheeks, tighter neck area and double-chin removal.


      💪 Step #2:  CHEWING - Build the Right Muscle

      This is the "steroids for your jawline" part I was talking about earlier. Building your masseter muscles will have a dramatic effect on you jawline. These are the "jaw muscles" that Brad Pitt is famous for. 

         Chewing mastic gum (with a special technique) is the best way to safely build these. And with jawline gum, most males see solid results in only 3 weeks. More info below.


      💎 Step #3:  SLIMMING - Chisel and Define

      You know about this: most jawlines are hidden by fat. Getting lean and losing weight will ensure that all your hard work with mewing and chewing is visible.

         DON'T underestimate this part. You'd be shocked by how much more attractive you can get by losing weight. Not just for your jawline, but for your whole body.


      READ MORE: I break down the formula in more detail👇

      How to Get a Jawline in 2021 (Step-by-Step Guide)



      🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀 

      Thank you for reading my article on mewing mistakes. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

      Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

         Matt Phelps

         Founder of STEEL®

      P.S if you're interested in getting a stronger jawline... the best way to do that is chewing mastic gum. I may be biased, but this mastic gum is the best 👇

      Steel Jawline Gum - a Sharper Jawline... or it's Free


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