Top 10 Strongest Jawlines in the World... INSANE!

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Just Genetics? Or Do They Train Their Jawlines? 


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There's 2 lists on this page.

Strongest jawlines in the world, and the strongest jawlines in Hollywood. 

I included both because some people have different definitions of what a "strong jawline" is. Whether these guys have trained their jawlines or it's all just genetic - they're incredible impressive!

Anyway, check them out! below!



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10 Strongest Jawlines in Hollywood

Here's my list of the 10 strongest jawlines in the Hollywood.

To qualify for this list, the jawlines must be:

  • Muscular and somewhat intimidating
  • Chiseled and defined
  • Proportionate to other facial features

For this list, I take "strong jawline" to mean "incredible jawline".

Instead of strong meaning physically strong- like they could bite the head off a great white shark.

You'll find that list below👇


10. Tom Welling

Tom welling had a great jawline

Tom Welling played Superman in Smallville


Can you imagine Superman with a weak jawline?

I can't.

It wouldn't be as believable.

Tom Welling was really famous between 2000-2008 when he played Clark Kent (Superman) in the TV show Smallville.




9. Casper Van Dien

Casper Van Dien Jawline

Casper starred in Starship Troopers


Casper ticks all the boxes for "classically handsome".

He has a really good bone structure and makes sure it's visible by keeping lean.

You've probably never heard of him.

He was the star of 1997's Starship Trooper's, which became a cult classic... because it was so lame haha.

I recommend watching it for a laugh.




8. Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves was one Arnold Schwarzenneger's bodybuilding heroes



Steve was a bodybuilder turned actor in the 1950s.

He and Reg Park (another bodybuilder turned actor) were the inspiration for Arnold Schwarzenneger to move into acting.

In the photo above, Steve really looks like a statue of a Greek God.

His jawline was the strongest in the world at the time.




7. Olivia Wilde 

Olivia Wilde

Olivia has a very strong jawline and otherwise feminine features


Olivia is the only woman on the list.

Her jawline is stronger than 99% of men I know.

The picture above doesn't do it justice, Google her and you'll see what I mean.




6. Henry Cavill 

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill played Superman. Superman has got to have a strong jawline


Best known for playing Superman, spies, secret agents etc.

Henry certainly looks the part.

He's been blessed with a strong facial structure and hence strong jawline.




5. Robert Pattinson

Robert Patterson's side profile

Robert Pattinson's side profile


Robert is totally underestimated imo.

He's got a razor sharp jawline from the front and the side.

It's 100% natural too.

He doesn't do any jawline exercises and hasn't had any "cosmetic help" of any sort.




4. Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes

Colton is a model and actor in Teen Wolf, Arrow and more


Colton has bulging masseter muscles (like #1 is famous for) and a strong chin.

He's a great example of how important being lean is for your jawline.

In some recent pictures, he's gained some weight and his amazing jawline isn't visible.




3. Jon Kortajarena

Jon Kortajarena

Jon is the highest paid male model in the world


Jon has just been blessed in all departments.

He's 6'2, got a strong jawline, hollow cheeks and is the highest paid model in the world.

He may not be as well-known as some other's on this list, but someday he might be.

He's started acting and has been in some pretty big films already.




2. Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder's strong jawline

Ian had crystal blue eyes, dark hair and one of the strongest jawlines on TV


Before he made it big as the start of Vampire Diaries, Ian was in Lost.

If you haven't seen Lost you've got the check it out!

Ian's jawline is so good, I'm wondering if he's had surgery... there's no evidence he has though.

If you go back and look at picture of him when he was younger, he's always had a strong jawline.




1. Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt's Jawline
Brad Pitt wins every "strongest jawline in the world" list


Ask 100 people "who has the strongest jawline in the world?", and the most common answer will be: Brad Pitt.

He's had an amazingly strong jawline his whole career and he's mega-famous. It's no surprise that he tops every list.

Hundreds of thousands of people still Google search "brad pitts jawlne" each month.

He's the clear winner.




Summary: 10 Strongest Jawlines in Hollywood

1. Brad Pitt
2. Ian Somerhalder
3. Jon Kortajarena
4. Colton Haynes
5. Robert Pattinson
6. Henry Cavill
7. Olivia Wilde
8. Steve Reeves
9. Casper Van Dien
10.Tom Welling




10 STRONGEST Jawlines in the World

Here's my list of the 10 strongest jawlines in the entire world.

When I say strong, here's what I mean:

  • Muscular and intimidating (scary)
  • Looks like it's made out of rock (think Thanos from The Avengers)

I don't necessarily think all these jawlines look good, or 100% natural.

But I do think they're scary.

Let's check them out👇

10. Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson - professional BodyBuilder

Dexter Jackson is a professional bodybuilder with a super strong jawline

9. Paul Posluszny

Paul Posluszny has a STRONG jawline

Paul Posluszny has the killer combo: a thick neck and strong jawline

8. Robert Z'Dar

Robert Z'Dar Jawline

Robert Z'Dar looks a lot like Quagmire from Family Guy

7. Klaus Riis

Klaus Riis Jawline

Klaus was famous on for his strong jawline

6. Luca Marchesi

CEO of jawline

This guy calls himself the "CEO of jawline". You can see why, but I don't think he it there naturally

5. Tom Platz

Tom Platz jawline

Tom is a bodybuilder best known for his legs and his jawline


4. Chad Thundercock

Chad Thundercock jawline

Nobody knows who this guy really is, but he is an inspiration for the "chad guy" meme

3. Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren Jawline
Dolph is most famous for playing Ivan Dragon in Rocky IV

2. John Turk

John Turk's strong jawline

John Turk is a model, actor and bodybuilder famous for his roles in Mortal Kombat series

1. Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman

Pat was a professional NFL player who joined the military after 9/11. He died serving in the Iraq war.


Summary: STRONGEST Jawlines in the World

1. Pat Tillman
2. John Turk
3. Dolph Lundgren
4. Chad Thundercock
5. Tom Platz
6. Luca Marchesi
7. Klaus Riis
8. Robert Z'Dar
9. Paul Posluszny
10. Dexter Jackson




My Jawline Story

Matt Phelps jawline transformation

I used a 3-step formula to transform my jawline


Yeah I know... I'm not comparable to the 10 people on the list.

But I'm still proud of my transformation based on where I started.

It took me 10 years to figure out the 3 things that actually work for improving your jawline:

  • ⚙️ Mewing- set the foundation
  • 💪 Chewing - build the muscle
  • 💎 Slimming - chisel and define


READ MORE: I break down my JAWLINE formula in more detail👇

How to Get a Chiseled Jawline (CHEAT SHEET)



Here's 25 More of the Strongest Jawlines You'll Ever See

Male model with a strong jawline


Captain American has one of the strongest jawlines


Another strong jawline


One of the strongest jawlines in Football



A woman with a strong jawline


Light haired man with a strong jawline


A really strong jawline


A freakishly strong jawline


A very handsome jawline


middle aged man with a strong jawline


Matt Bomer has one of the strongest jawlines in Hollywood


Paul Newman is very classically handsome


a broad and strong jawline



a strong jawline built with jawliner



Prince charming has a strong jawline


Superman has to have one of the strongest jawlines


Timothy Chalamet has a razor sharp jawline


Tom Cruise has a well-defined jawline


strongest jawline from the side


beardline can create the illusion of a strong jawline


one of the strongest female jawlines I have seen


Strongest jawline


one of the strongest jawlines you will ever see 


Strongest jawlines korean


strongest jawline pretty boy



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