How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight? (NEW Formula)

  • by Matt Phelps

How You Water Intake... Affects Your Body Weight

How You Can Lose Weight, By Simply Drinking Enough Water


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  • 😋 How You Can Use Water to "Stay Full": reduce your appetite and consume fewer calories.
  • 🧞‍♂️ 3 Special types of Water (that Burn Fat): not all water is equal! It's also crucial to know when to drink water to lose weight.

  • 🧬 8 Healthy Hacks That Melt Face Fat: no, you can't tell your body where to burn fat... but some methods are better than others.



Does Drinking Water Help With Weight Loss?

Yes, not drinking enough water is holding you back from losing weight.

Because our bodies are 70% water, it is a crucial input into all our the bodies' processes.

Including burning fat.

Almost nobody is actually staying hydrated to the level they should be.

That's why drinking more can help you lose weight- so you reach the baseline level your body needs.

Get what I mean? It's not that water burns fat, it's that you need to meet your bodies' minimum water requirements. 


Matt Phelps drinking coffee

Trying to avoid dehydration? Coffee isn't helping...




Why modern diets are DE-HYDRATING 🥵:


☕️ Tea & Coffee

These drinks are diuretics.

They are dehydrating because they promote the production of urine- making you need to pee.

Even herbal tea, which can be good in preventing weight gain, is dehydrating.


    🍭 Sugar

    It's in everything, and it's bad.

    You know it.

    What you don't know is that your body pees a lot to get rid of it.

    Sugary beverages, diet beverages and fruit juice are some of the worst because you think you are staying hydrated.


      🥩 We Eat a Lot of Meat

      Protein (which meat is full of), takes the most water and energy for the body to break down.

      Protein is the most dehydrating macronutrient.

       🥧 We Eat a LOT

      The more calories you more fluid intake you need.

      Because our calorie intake is so high, we don't get enough water to avoid muscle cramps, and in extreme cases, kidney stones


        🥦 We DON'T Eat a Lot of Fresh Produce

        Fruits and vegetables are full of water and vital nutrients that hydrate your body.

        Most people don't eat anywhere near enough fresh produce and hence miss out on this source of water and nutrients.




          Does Drinking Water Burn Calories?


          But everything you do burns calories- even picking your nose.

          A better question would be:

          Does Drinking Water Burn a Significant Amount of Calories?

          The answer: No

          Drinking more water will help you lose weight.

          But it isn't the extra water from extra calories burned.

          The extra water allows your body to process your calorie intake at it's maximum rate- as long as you're in a caloric deficit.


          Matt Phelps running on an athletics track

          Drinking water won't help you shed body fat like sprinting will. That's me btw :)




          How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight?

          There's a simple formula that I use to calculate the bare minimum you need to drink per day.

          Of course, if it's summer in the Sahara Desert ☀️ and your body temperature is off the charts... then you're going to need to drink more water.

          If it's winter ❄️, and you've fasted all day and just watched re-runs of The Office, then you'll just need the minimum.

          Also take your activity level into account.

          If you're a 25 year old football player, you'll need more than an older adult with lesser energy level.


          Calculate How Much Water You Should Drink Every day to Lose Weight


          🇺🇸 AMERICANS 🇺🇸

          Step 1: Take your weight (in lbs) and divide it by 2

          Step 2: The answer is how many ounces of water you should drink each day.

          Divide that number by eight to see your result in cups.

          Eg: I weight 170lbs. 170 divided by 2 is 85. That mean's I should drink 85 Ounces of water every day as a bare minimum.


          Average Adult Male: 102 ounces of water per day

          Average Adult Female: 81 ounces of water er day


          🇪🇺 REST OF WORLD 🇪🇺

          Step 1: Take your weight (in kg) and divide it by 30.

          Step 2: The answer is how many Litres of water you should drink each day.

          Eg: I weight 78kgs. 78 divided by 30 is 2.6. That mean's I should drink 2.6 Litres of water every day as a bare minimum.


          Average Adult Male: 3 Litres of water a day

          Average Adult Female: 2.3 Litres of water a day


          Different shaped water bottles

          It doesn't matter how you drink it, just make sure you're getting your required daily fluid intake




          How to Feel Full and Reduce Your Calorie Intake (Using Water)

          Next time you're hungry, drink a glass of cold water.

          Odds are, you're just dehydrated or thirsty.

          Don't mistake that for hunger.

          If weight loss is your goal, then it's important when you drink water, not just how much.

          There's 4 hacks I use to kill cravings and get my daily water intake:


          🍉 1. Sugar-Free Squash (Cordial)

          Do you think water is harder to drink because it's boring?

          It doesn't taste good?

          Then make it taste good!

          Find a delicious, sugar-free Squash (Cordial) and add it to your water.

          The hard part is finding really yummy flavors, but I promise they're out there.

          These are my favorites 👇


          Sugar-free cordial

          Use sugar-free cordial to make water taste better... so you drink more!


          To make it taste EXTRA good, sometimes I add slices of lemon or lime- though it depends on the flavor.

          Also, use cold water from the fridge instead of tap water.

          Drinking cold water makes it feel special, and the number of calories burned is higher!

          Your body needs to spend energy to cool it down.

          How many calories?

          About 12 per glass of water.


          ☕️ 2. Tea, Coffee or Hot Water After a Meal

          Both these drinks are dehydrating, so limit how often you have them.

          BUT they're also appetite suppressants.

          They make you feel full.

          The best time to have them are after you eat a meal.

          Hot water and hot drink aid digestion naturally make you feel full because they are warm.

          So here's what I do for each meal when I'm trying to lose weight:

          1. Eat until I'm 70% full (that means I still feel a bit hungry)
          2. Wait 10-30 minutes
          3. Drink a cup of hot tea, coffee or water

          After you drink your cup, you'll have had digested your food and you won't be slightly hungry anymore.

          This is a great way to make it easier to eat less food.


          🌅 3. Chug Water at These 2 Times of Day


          The best time of day to drink water is the morning.

          Before breakfast, before your coffee, before you do anything.

          What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

          You pee!

          You've just gone 8 hour without drinking water... AND you get rid of all you have left?

          Sounds like a great time to re-hydrate.

          I try to drink 34 ounces (1 Litre) before 9am.

          I drink most of that immediately after waking up.


          3 Hours After Lunch

          You don't want to chug a bucket of water around bedtime.

          You'll wake up to go potty and that will ruin your sleep cycle.

          Instead, try to get in lots of water between lunch and dinner.


          💧 4. Large Glass 20min Before Every Meal

          Want an easy way to eat less and feel full?

          Then drink a large glass of water 10-20 minutes before you eat.

          It's easy to forget, so set a timer if you need to.




          3 Types of Water That BURN FAT



           🍋 1. Lemon Water

          This is detoxify your body while it hydrates you.

          Lemon water has been proven to accelerate weight loss, particularly if consumed in the morning.


          🍎 2. Apple Cider Vinegar

          This has been a trend for 10 years now.


          Because it works.

          Nobody is 100% sure why, but it's likely due to the healthy bacteria it contains and what it does for your gut microbiome.

          I shot a teaspoon of ACV in the morning, followed by a small glass of warm water.

          You can do this up to 3x a day.

          OR you can try Goli Gummies.

          I'm not actually sure that these are as effective for losing weight, but they certainly taste better!


          🥛 3. Kefir

          Ok, this isn't water, but it is a drink hehe.

          Say hello to your new favorite in-between-meal... Kefir. It's fermented milk and you'll probably find it in most decent-sized grocery stores.

          Here's why Kefir is great for weight loss:


          🧪 It's a Powerful Probiotic

          It's loaded with healthy bacteria that will restore your gut microbiome.

          People's guts are often the #1 reason they can't lose weight. Kefir will take care of that!


            🍽 High Protein, Low Calorie

            Kefir is loaded with casein protein, which takes a long time to digest.

            It makes you feel fuller for longer and eat less for the rest of the day- preventing weight gain.


              🧘‍♀️ Detoxification

              Reducing your body weight means your body must purge accumulated toxins.

              Kefir's antioxidant properties aid this process.

              Btw, Kefir is also known to prevent cancer and dampen food allergies!


                Kefir is fermented milk

                Kefir is fermented milk. It's kind of like Yogurt... and it's a superfood!




                Summary: Weight Loss From Water Intake


                Average Adult Male: 102 ounces or 3 Litres

                Average Adult Female: 81 ounces or 2.3 Litres


                Drinking More Water Will Help You Lose More Weight

                Modern diets are dehydrating and the average person needs more water than they think to compensate.

                Make sure you meet you daily water consumption minimum.

                If you're really serious about weight loss: healthy eating and physical activity you reach your goals faster.


                Feel Full and Eat Less By Drinking

                🍉 Sugar-Free Squash (Cordial)

                Make water taste good


                  ☕️ Tea, Coffee or Hot Water After a Meal

                  Feel full for longer


                    🌅 Chug Water After Waking up and After Lunch

                    Best times to get hydrated


                      💧 Large Glass 20min Before Every Meal

                      Eat less food and still feel full


                        3 Types of Water to Accelerate Weight Loss

                        🍋 Lemon Water

                        Detoxes and hydrates


                          🍎 Apple Cider Vinegar

                          Restores healthy gut bacteria


                            🥛 Kefir

                            Slow digested protein, probiotic and superfood



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