10 Mewing Mistakes That Are Slowly DEFORMING Your Face

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It's ok to make mistakes, they're a natural part of learning. With mewing it's different: one mistake could irreversibly distort your face. Let me explain in more detail:

What is MEWING and How Much of it is Actually Science?

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Internet forums are filled with talk about "mewing". But what exactly is it? Let's look into the science behind it and see if it's just another viral fad.

Don't Try Hard Mewing Before You've Read This (NOT For Beginners)

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Hard mewing accelerates your mewing results... but it comes with some serious risks! Don't try it if you don't know what you're going. Read about the risks.

How To Do The Correct Mewing Tongue Posture (AND get results!)

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Tongue posture is responsible for a large part of your attractiveness. If your new to mewing or you've never heard about correct tongue posture... this is an absolute...

Does Mewing Work? Here's The Best Proof On The Internet...

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Does Mewing Work For Everybody? Many people are STILL skeptical about mewing. It's 2021, haven't they seen any of the viral mewing transformations? I understand the skepticism though,...

How to Mew Properly in 5 Steps (Complete Guide)

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How to mew: keep your lips sealed and your teeth gently touching. Press your entire tongue against the roof of your mouth and hold it there using a...

100 Mewing Before and After Photos That Will EXCITE You

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Mewing is a massive craze and thousands are posting their mewing before and after photos and video on Youtube. Let's look at 40 transformations and see if mewing...