Bone Smashing – What it is & How to Do it (Complete Guide)

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Is Bone Smashing Worth the Risks?

This post has two main goals: First, it will guide you to learn more about the controversial technique called bone smashing.

Second, it will put your mind at ease about its level of safety and whether or not it genuinely works.

Whether you call it bone smashing or bone hypertrophy, it's critical to understand the science behind it and how it claims to give you the jawline and looks of your dreams. 



What Exactly Is Bone Smashing?

One step up from Mewing and facial exercises, bone smashing is a whole new level of activity.

Bone smashing, also known as bone smashing theory or bone smashing, is a controversial theory based on the principle of Wolff's law.

This rule asserts that continual pressure or repetitive severe trauma to the bones can result in the formation of a type of bone callus that increases the size and density of the bone due to the formation of micro-cracks and the regeneration of the bone.

Wolffs law diagram

Bone remodelling works in a similar way to muscle grow. Stress results in growth.


Bone Smashing is basically the practice of pounding specific portions of the face with a flat and hard instrument, such as the chin and cheekbones, in order to achieve bone growth and more prominent seeming facial features, primarily the cheekbones.

A great deal of technique and pressure must be applied for symmetrical results to be achieved with bone-crushing, which explains why the method is so controversial.

Not everyone agrees with the brutal approach that it requires.



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The Science Behind Bone Smashing

The concept of bone-shattering is based on the belief that bones grow in reaction to external stress.

 In the nineteenth century, Wolff's law, discovered by the German anatomist and surgeon Julius Wolff (1836–1902), holds that bone in a healthy person or animal will adapt to the pressures placed on it.

If the loading on a specific bone rises, the bone will remodel itself over time to grow stronger in order to withstand that type of loading.

The internal structure of the trabeculae undergoes adaptive modifications, which are followed by secondary alterations to the bone's surface cortical section, which may thicken as a result. 

In simpler words, Wolff's law asserts that when bones in a healthy person are subjected to external stresses, they adapt and thicken.

Fighters and judges have repeatedly demonstrated the legitimacy of Wolf's Law.

Angulation results from this form of bone impact are completely permanent, allowing one to broaden their bones to the intended size and direction by increasing their thickness.




How to Do Bone Smashing

If you want to start bone smashing, don't overthink it; it's as simple as it sounds; just smash your bone.

As humans, we have a natural predisposition to crush symmetrically; that is, we don't smash all over the place on purpose.

However, we must mention at this point that Bone Smashing is not advised because there is no medical reason for it to actually work.

No one can possibly apply enough consistent strain to their faces to improve bone density.

Excessive trauma will also result in fractures and irreversible disfigurement, whereas repetitive trauma may cause nerve irritation or damage.

Having said that, for informational purposes, here are the steps we discovered online.



Inhale deeply through your nose.

Shake your arms slightly and attempt to activate all of your muscles equally on the left and right, then begin with the weaker arm and whatever you wish to crush, like the cheekbone.

Alternately, use a firm and flat object with a smooth surface.



Bring your knuckles up to your cheekbone.

Make sure to breathe from your nose in the most symmetrical ways possible so that your entire body is in this symmetry.

Keep it about a centimeter away from the targeted bone.



Tap the bone lightly for 30 seconds.



Rest between sets, then repeat 5 times.


This is a great guide to Bone Smashing and will answer many of your questions




Is Bone Smashing Safe?

As stated earlier, we still want to emphasize that extreme trauma will result in fractures and lasting disfigurement, while recurrent trauma may cause nerve irritation or injury.

The following are the additional hazards associated with Bone Smashing:

  • Bruising 
  • Swelling 
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Permanent damage
  • Self Harm
  • Asymmetry




Does Bone Smashing Actually Work?

There are just too few people who have tried and tested this strategy to recommend it to young adults.

For now, Wolff's Law of Bone Remodeling only exists scientifically.

However, it clearly states that impacts on bone structure are mostly determined by the length, amount, and rate of loading.

Apart from that, there is no proof that a broken bone will mend to be stronger than before.

Aside from the risks associated with this technique, another reason we cannot advocate it is because there are no instruments available to us young people to assist us in assessing or managing the rate and size of the pressure we may be applying.

As a result, this method has more drawbacks than advantages, making it extremely dangerous.

Following a number of studies on bone smashing that have been discussed in many forums, it is stated that bone smashing may only offer transitory swelling rather than genuine bone growth and that it may not provide predictable results that ensure a positive conclusion.





There is insufficient research to support the practice of Bone Smashing.

While it is understandable to want to improve your appearance and facial features, doing so should not come at the expense of self-harm.

There are better alternatives and solutions for persons who want to improve the appearance of their facial characteristics.

Mewing can be combined with Facial Exercises and Jawline Exercises to give your face a more defined or a younger look.




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