How to Do Chin Tucking – Fix Your Back Posture (Safely)

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Learn the #1 Exercise to Strengthen Your Neck & Improve Your Posture

The Complete Chin Tucking Guide



Many people suffer from poor posture and weak necks.

This can lead to a number of problems, including back pain, neck pain, and even headaches.

Fortunately, there is a simple exercise that you can do to help strengthen your neck and improve your posture: chin tucking!

In this article, we will discuss how to do chin tucking safely and effectively.

I've also got some other tips for keeping your neck strong and healthy.




What is Chin Tucking?

Chin tucking is a simple exercise that helps to strengthen the neck and improve posture.

It involves tucking your chin down towards your chest, then slowly lifting it back up to the starting position.

Chin tucking can be done either seated or standing.

When done correctly, chin tucking can help to improve muscle tone in the neck and help to correct poor posture.

It can also help to prevent and relieve neck pain.

back posture diagram
Proper back posture is where the head is aligned with the spine (left) and not projected forward (right) .The chin tuck is an exercise that helps correct head alignment, and is recommended for anyone struggling with poor neck posture and back problems. 


Despite being invented many decades ago, Chin Tucking is only becoming popular in recent years.

Dr. Mike Mew, a famous/infamous orthodontist, suggested that Chin Tucking exercises could be combined with Mewing.

Because neck and back posture are essential to maintaining correct oral posture.





Who is Chin Tucking For?

Anyone that works, studies or plays in front of a computer should do chin tucking.

Unfortunately our modern lifestyles are unnatural and unhealthy for our bodies- leading to poor posture, which is the root of numerous age-related ailments.

Including back pain, neck discomfort, and migraines.

Improve posture will prevent these problems from occurring.

Another reason why you should practice double chin tucking is to strengthen the muscles in your neck.

These muscles are responsible for keeping your head upright, and they can become weak if you don't use them often.

Strengthening these muscles can help to improve your overall posture and reduce the risk of pain or injury.


Forward head posture

An arched neck and hunched back like this is call Forward Head Posture. It's also known as "Nerd Neck" and "Text Neck".



How to know if you suffer from forward head posture? See if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Neck discomfort
  • Tension in neck and shoulders
  • Tightness and soreness in your middle back
  • Pain or numbness in your arms and hands


Back posture diagram

Forward head posture won't just bend your neck, it also affects the curvature of your spine.




How to Do the Chin Tuck Exercise

1.🧍‍♂️ Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back


Make sure your ears are directly over your shoulders.

You don't want to arch your back or round your shoulders while you're doing this exercise.


2. 😌 Tuck Your Chin Down Towards Your Chest While Keeping Your Gaze Forward

Gently glide your chin straight back.

You should feel a stretch in the muscles at the back of your neck.

3. ⏱ Hold This Position For a Few Seconds

Before returning your chin forward again.

4. 🔁 Repeat This Exercise 10 Times a Day

You should start to see results within a few weeks.

5. ✋ Stop Immediately if You Feel Pain

Any pain or discomfort and you should consult a doctor.

    Follow these simple steps, and you'll  see results in just a few weeks.

    Be patient, and make sure to be consistent for best results.


    chin tuck against the wall

    Try chin tucking with your back against a wall


    If you're having difficulty doing the chin tuck exercise, ask a friend or family member to help you.

    They can provide support and ensure that you're doing the exercise correctly.

    I recommend you start with your back against a wall to ensure you have good posture.

    Once you become comfortable with the exercise, you can do it when sitting down at a desk.

    This is really convenient and you can do it even more frequently throughout the day.


    Chiropractor David Oliver lists 3 exercises to correct forward head posture




    5 Reasons to Do the Chin Tuck

    There are several advantages of performing a chin tuck exercise.

    Here are some of the benefits you may anticipate from chin tucking:


    1) Correcting forward Head Posture (FHP)

    The chin tuck exercise is an effective way to correct forward head posture (FHP).

    FHP is a common postural problem that can cause pain in the neck and upper back.

    It can also lead to decreased range of motion in the neck and shoulders.

    The chin tuck exercise is one of the best exercises for correcting FHP because it helps to lengthen the muscles in the front of the neck.

    This, in turn, relieves pressure on the cervical spine and allows for improved movement in the neck.

    If you suffer from FHP, be sure to include chin tucking in your regular exercise routine.

    It may take a while to correct the problem, but chin tucking can make a significant difference in the long run.

    One study on 40 participants concluded that the chin tuck and turtle exercise both improved the cervical curve, and helped correct forward head posture in 6 weeks.

    A second study on a group of adults also demonstrated that chin tucking had a positive effect on forward head posture correction.


    2) Reduced back pain

    Chin tucking can also help to reduce back pain.

    This is because the exercise helps to strengthen the muscles in the back and improve posture.

    Good posture helps to distribute weight evenly throughout the body.

    This reduces strain on the spine and can help to prevent back pain.

    If you have persistent back discomfort, make chin tucking a regular part of your workout regimen.

    You should begin seeing a difference in the symptoms after a few weeks.


    3) Neck discomfort prevention

    Chin tucking result in a better posture by strengthening the deep cervical flexor muscles.

    A strong neck means less headaches and fewer chances of developing herniated discs and other degenerative conditions.

    The chin tuck exercise is simple but effective.

    By including it in your regular routine, you can help to improve your posture, relieve back pain, chest pain and prevent neck discomfort.


    4) Alleviating muscle tension

    One of the benefits of chin tucking is that it can help to alleviate muscle tension.

    This is because the exercise helps to stretch and lengthen the muscles in the front of the neck.

    Stretching the neck forward muscles can aid in the reduction of neck tension and improved range of motion.

    If you suffer from muscle tension, be sure to add chin tucking to your list of exercises.

    The chin tuck exercise is a simple way to improve your posture and relieve muscle tension.

    It may take a little bit of practice, but it's well worth the effort.


    5) Improving your overall posture

    You can expect to see an improvement in your posture from doing chin tucks on a regular basis.

    You'll be able to sit and stand up straighter if you bring your head back into position and strengthen your deep cervical flexors.

    This can help to improve your appearance and make you look taller and thinner.

    Good posture is important for preventing pain in the neck, back, and shoulders.

    It can also help you to breathe better and have more energy.

    By improving your posture, you'll be able to do everyday activities like walking and sitting more easily.




    🏁 SUMMARY 🏁

    Chin tucking is a simple but effective way to improve your posture and strengthen the deep neck flexor muscles.

    It can help to correct forward head posture, reduce back pain, and alleviate muscle tension.

    If you suffer from any of these problems, be sure to give chin tucking a try.

    You should see a difference in your symptoms after a few weeks of regular practice.



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