Does Mewing Work? Here's The Best Proof On The Internet...

  • by Matt Phelps

Does Mewing Work For Everybody? Why An Improved Jawline (without surgery) Isn't Too Good To Be True 

People are STILL skeptical about mewing. It's 2021, haven't they seen any of the viral transformations?

   I get it though. Sometimes the "after" photo just has a better angle or lighting. Other times people really do have a sharper jawline- but it's because they lost weight. Not because of mewing. 


   We need to know that the correct tongue posture (mewing) is responsible for the dramatic jawline changes. The best way is to try for yourself.

   The second best way is for someone else to try it AND take a picture every single day.

That's what Chris Law is doing on his channel. He'll answer your question: "does mewing work?"



I interview Chris about his experiences during the first 4 months of mewing. There's so much to learn from him- so make sure you have time to watch the whole video.

Chris also interviewed me on his channel.


Chris' mewing journey is documented from day 1


"I Can't WAIT To See What He Looks Like After A Year!"

Don't think Chris' results are that significant? He's only 4 months in. Wait for the first year.  Don't forget he's only 20 as well. So I think he's got a serious handsome Squidward jawline (🤣) to look forward to.

And we get to watch the whole thing on YouTube.




I've Met Some Of My Best Friends In The Comments

How did I meet Chris? Funny story really... we met in the YouTube comments. that's the 3rd close friend that I've met that way.

   I'd just started my mewing channel and Chris had about 600 subs. So I did that annoying thing all NewTubers do... I started commenting on other channels. But don't hate me yet!

   I wasn't spamming with "sub 4 sub" or anything like that. My comments were genuine and I was doing my best to help out people who were struggling with mewing.


After seeing my in the comments on a few vids- Chris went and checked out my channel. My mewing transformation is pretty impressive (if I may say so myself) and Chris thought so too. So we started talking...

   I loved what Chris was doing: sharing a photo of his mewing transformation every single day. I was SO JEALOUS that I didn't do that. And Chris saw me as an experienced mewer (is that even a word yet?) who had a lot of learnings to share.


   We decided to collaborate. Mewing is a rapidly growing practice with millions interested, but there's still hardly any content available- at least GOOD content.

   Chris and I are on a mission to make mewing simple for everyone. It's natural, it's healthy and we've both seen it change our jawlines. We want to help other reach their genetic jawline potential ;)


My Promise To You: A Sharper Jawline


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Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum
  Matt Phelps
  Founder of Jawline Gum


P.S. The formula for getting the best jawline genetically possible is simple:

Sharp Jawline = Mewing + Chewing + Slimming

Learn how to use the jawline transformation formula here.


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