Don't Try Hard Mewing Before You've Read This (NOT For Beginners)

  • by Matt Phelps

How to Do Hard Mewing and Accelerate Your Mewing Transformation

But BEWARE, Hard Mewing Can Have Side Effects


🔎 Revealed on this page...

  • 😱 3 Ways Hard Mewing Can Go WRONG: learn the causes of these horrible side-effects and make sure you're not doing them.

  • 👉 😀 👈 Should YOU Hard Mew?: "is hard mewing for me?", you might be one of the "chosen ones".


Mewing takes time to see results. You definitely won't see "results in 1 month!". Heck, it can even take months just to learn how to do mewing. But there is a way you "speed up" the changes mewing makes to your face. Read on.

   It's called hard mewing, and it works. I've personally tried it out and I'm sure that it accelerated my mewing transformation. It comes with some risks though, but we'll talk about that later.



What is Hard Mewing?

Hard mewing is simply applying more pressure to your palate with your tongue. WAIT! You can't leave yet. There's more too it than that. 

   This video (it's me!) can explain the details of hard mewing better than I can in text. I recommend you watch it before reading further.


Hard mewing makes changes happen faster. Good AND Bad changes...



Hard Mewing Vs Soft Mewing

Regular Mewing:

  • Whole tongue against your palate. Most important part is the back 3rd.
  • Tongue is against palate, held in place by a mixture of suction and pressure.
  • Should be comfortable, fairly easy to maintain and breath. You should be able to do it all throughout the day.


Hard Mewing:

  • Whole tongue against your palate. Most important part is the back 3rd.
  • Tongue is against palate, held in place  by pressure. Apply as much pressure as you can upwards with your tongue against your palate.
  • Should be uncomfortable if you're applying large amounts of pressure. You can only do this for a few hours maximum per day.



Does Hard Mewing Work?

Yes. I've seen countless examples where hard mewing has led to faster mewing results. It's most common in teenagers because their faces are more malleable. But I've also seen results in people 22+.

   Like me for example! I started mewing at 25. After 8 months I started Hard Mewing. And it worked pretty well for me. Check out my mewing transformation video 👇


Mewing transformed my entire face and jawline in 13 months. And I wasn't a teenager... I was 25!



The Risks of Hard Mewing

Alright. I've been harping on about how great hard mewing is. I also said it's riskier than regular mewing. Let's look at those risk and then look at how to avoid them.


3 Ways Hard Mewing Can Go Wrong

🚨 Risk #1: Gaps Between Your Teeth

If you're not applying even pressure across your palate, you can "push" your teeth apart. I've heard a few stories where the gap between someone's main incisor teeth becomes wider.


🚨 Risk #2: An Asymmetrical Face & Jawline

If you're applying uneven pressure, you can also cause changes in only one side of your face. This means one side of your jaw could become larger (or smaller) depending on what your do.


🚨 Risk #3: A Worse "Double Chin"

If you can't mew correctly yet and you're still applying pressure with only the tip of your tongue- you can make a "bulge" appear under your chin.


NOTE: These risks come from not having the correct mewing tongue posture. 

How to Do the Correct Mewing Tongue Posture



Who Should Hard Mew?

The risks listed above are scary. But things will all go smoothly... and mewing will give you fantastic results... as long as you are:

Mewing Correctly

   Hard mewing is only "risky" if you don't know how to mew correctly already. If you're not sure about your mewing technique, please recap on the fundamentals of mewing:


How to Mew in 5 Step (Complete Guide)


Am I Ready to Try Hard Mewing?

Do This Sound Like You?

  1. Been mewing for 3+ months
  2. Can get the back of your tongue against your palate
  3. Can breathe through your nose with your mouth closed
  4. Don't have to "think" about mewing. You just do it.


Sound like you? Then you're ready for hard mewing!




Conclusion: Is Hard Mewing For Me?

1. Hard Mewing Gets You Faster Results

It worked for me. It's worked for thousands. It can cut your mewing transformation time in half. But it comes with extra risks. Take the test to see if you should hard mew.


2. Learn How to Mew Correctly FIRST

You can't hard mew is you can't mew. All the risks of hard mewing come from not being able to mew correctly in the beginning. Learn how to mew.



🍀  GOOD LUCK!  🍀

Thank you for reading my article on hard mewingIf you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thank you!


Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

   Matt Phelps

   Founder of Jawline Gum



P.S Mewing is just Step #1 in my jawline formula. Find out what Step #2 and #3 are by clicking this link:

How to Get a Jawline in 2021 (Step-by-Step Guide)



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