How Does Mewing Affect The Eyes? Here's What Will Change

  • by Matt Phelps

We know that mewing can enhance your face by giving you high cheekbones, a more pointed chin, hollow cheeks, etc.

Mewing also affects the eyes, although it can take a long time to see the changes.

Mewing moves your average face upwards, so most people notice that over time the eyes are sunken and/or hooded.

Mewing also improves eye tilt and can help improve the appearance of bulging eyes.



Will Mewing Help Me Have More Attractive Eyes?

When you mew, you apply an upward force to your palate.

Strength helps the jawline, cheekbones, etc. to move up.

Mewing moves your central face forward and up, including the eyes.

Mewing can change the look of your eyes.

Mewing does not change the eyeball by itself.

The structure around it changes.

So if you have bulging or very large eyes, it can help you get deeper and smaller eyes.

Deep-set eyes are generally more attractive, especially for men.

Your eyes sink into your skull as your midface moves forward and upward.

It will also make your eyes more compact vertically.

In some cases, people may even have multiple almond-shaped eyes.

Plus, it can help widen the eyes as it becomes more compact vertically.

Since your half of the face has moved upwards, it will support the fat/skin under the eyelid.

It will also help reduce or eliminate the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes as the skin now has more support.

If you are unhappy with the visibility of the whites of your eyes, then meowing can help.

Since meowing can make your eyes more compact, it will reduce the scleral show.

Take for example Youtuber AstroSky:


Austin Dunham


When he was younger, his eyes were very round and wide open.

His eyes have become larger and more compact after several years of mewing.

It had "hunter eyes" and reduced the amount of visible sclera.

What are Hunter Eyes?

Hunter eyes are sunken eyes and have a positive canthal inclination.

They are also narrow and straight vertically.

Sean O'Pry is a prime example of a man with hunter eyes.

Sean Opry

The hunter's eyes are located far back in the skull.

The orientation of your many orbital bones will help determine how far back your eyes will be.

It's mostly genetics.

However, mewing can help you have hunter eyes, especially if he has been meowing constantly for several years.




Does Mewing Help Change the Look of Your Eyes?

Many people assume that our facial bones stop moving and growing after puberty.

While most growth stops after puberty, the face naturally changes over time.

As a result, your eyes may also change in appearance.

Bones change over time, and that's a fact.

Bones change function, shape, etc. With age, according to Boskey et al., 2010.

Mewing can work for people of all ages.

It is more effective in young people because their bones are more malleable.

But it can still work for adults, especially if they've been meowing constantly for many years.

See how different your facial structure is when you have forward and upward growth.


Mewing Effects

Most people have droopy eyes when depressed.

Droopy eyes are also common in older people.

When you meow, the middle of your face lifts as you widen your jawbone and sphenoid bone.

You can counter droopy eyes by meowing.

Mewing is a great way to reduce upper eyelid exposure and decrease the amount of "white" exposed.

There is no surgery you can get to have deep eyes.

Therefore, the meow is worth a try, especially since most people have had great results.




Canthal tilt

Canthal tilt is the orientation of the lateral canthus of the eye relative to the medial canthus.

In the image below, the left eye has a positive canthal tilt, while the right eye has a negative canthal tilt (which is unattractive).

canthal tilt

Mewing can improve canthal tilt.

The jawbone and zygomatic bone will move upward, making the lateral canthus higher.

However, the nasal bone and the other bones around the medial part of the eye remain more or less the same.

This is due to the direction of the force exerted by the tongue.




How Swallowing Technique Affects Your Eyes

As mentioned earlier, you apply upward force to the palate when you mew to achieve upward and forward growth.

Mewing focuses on correct tongue posture and correct swallowing technique, which will be essential in helping you improve your eyes.

What is the correct way to swallow?

One of the basics of meowing is correct tongue posture, but correct swallowing technique is often overlooked.

Here's a quick guide to help you learn how to swallow properly for better looking eyes.

When you swallow, press your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth while keeping your lips closed.

Make sure not to use your cheeks.

Your facial expression should stay the same. You will also notice your thyroid cartilage lifting when you swallow properly.

Does Mewing improve eyesight?

No, mewing does not improve eyesight.

Meowing can change the structure around the eye, but not the eyeball itself.

The cornea of ​​the eye should be round. If the cornea is oval, conical, etc, it can cause weak and blurred vision.

Your vision is also determined by many factors such as genetics, refractive errors, etc.

A common example of refractive error that people have when they have vision problems is astigmatism (Leggi et al., 2011).

Mewing will not be able to correct vision problems.

Meowing can make your eyes look more sunken and help you have "hunter eyes".

However, meowing will not be able to change the shape of the cornea or correct damage to the eye.



Mewing can change the look of your eyes.

This can make them look deeper, more compact and even reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Although it may take a few years to see results, it is worth trying as it is not possible to undergo surgery to have deep eyes.

Mewing can enhance your face by giving you prominent cheekbones, a sharper chin, cheek hollows, etc.

Mewing also affects the eyes, though it can take a really long time to see changes.

Mewing moves your midface up, so most people notice that they get deep-set and/or hooded eyes over time.

Mewing also improves the tilt of the eyes and can help improve the look of bulgy eyes.

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