How to Make Mewing a Habit (Forget You're Even Doing it!)

  • by Matt Phelps

You're NOT Mewing if You Have to Think About it


If you don't make mewing a habit... you will fail.

You won't get the majority of the health benefits, and any cosmetic benefits you get will disappear over time.

I'm not being dramatic.

Mewing isn't a jawline or face "exercise".

Don't forget that.

Mewing is literally just proper nose breathing and proper tongue posture- doing those things the way we (humans) were designed to, before our modern lifestyles and diets started messing things up.

The thing about posture is, you have to do it all the time.

Otherwise it's not posture, it's a conscious exercise.

You can't just stand up straight for 2 hours a day, slouch for the other 14 waking hours, and say you have good back posture.

It's a full-time gig.

And so is mewing.

Once you've learn to mew correctly, you have to learn how to mew without even thinking about mewing.

Make it a habit so that you don't have to keep reminding yourself to mew.

Once you don't need reminding, you can continue to do it for the rest of you life.



Here's a friendly reminder to put your tongue against your palate!





5 Mewing Habit Forming Techniques

You can mew correctly, right?

There's no point making a habit out of something that is bad for you.

If you're doing everything right, and your back posture is on point, then here's a list below of ways you can make the mewing process as automatic as blinking and breathing.

If you're still not sure that you know what you're doing.

Brush up on the fundamentals of mewing:



📒 Sticky Notes

This is a really easy way to remind yourself to mew- especially if you work/study from home.

The basic idea is to place a sticky note on objects you look at or walk past often.

Write on the note whatever you need to remind yourself to mew: "MEWING", "Don't forget to mew", or "Tongue up fool!".

Place these notes everywhere.

Or at least put them in as many places as you need to remember.

These are good places:

  • On your desk
  • Fridge
  • Bathroom mirror
  • Car dashboard
  • On the ceiling above your bed
  • Your computer
  • Your pantry door
  • Corner of your TV
  • On any books you are reading
  • Above your door handles

This is a great technique for "visual learners".

I'm not even sure what that means,  but I know that some people respond better to visual cues- I'm one of them.

Sticky notes are an especially effective visual cue for people that do not look at their phone often.



    📱 Phone Wallpaper

    Do you use your phone a lot?

    Haha, what a dumb question... everyone does.

    That why anyone can use this method: make a digital version of a sticky note.

    Create some sort of image or text that reminds you to mew, and save it as your phone's wallpaper. 

    You could literally have word “mew” on a white background as your wallpaper.

    Or you could be more creative and use an image of:

    • Mike Mew (your friends might think you're weird)
    • Handsome Squidward
    • A person with a sharp jawline and attractive face (motivation)
    • Mewing memes
    • Mewtu (the pokemon)
    • A cat (they make a meowing sound) 


    does handsome squidward mew?

    Handsome Squidward could be your mewing "inspiration"...



    👯‍♀️ Help From a Friend

    Do you have a gym buddy?

    Or a friend that you're doing a diet with?

    You should do the same thing for mewing!

    Try to find a friend that will help keep you accountable and motivated to continue mewing.

    It's a bonus if the friend is into mewing and wants to do it with you.

    Regularly check on each other and make sure you're consistently mewing throughout the day.

    If you're physically in the same location, your friend can tell you to mew.

    Otherwise, he or she can send you a text at random intervals,



    ⏰ Use Alarms

    If you don't have a person that can help remind you, use technology!

    Once again, your phone is a great tool to help keep you accountable.

    Setting regular alarms is what I'm talking about.

    You could try setting an alarm every hour to remind you to mew.

    If that's too frequent, try once every 2 hours.

    Put some of the alarms on vibrate when you're around other people (at work, in class etc) so you don't annoy everyone.

    Also name your alarms something related to mewing.

    When you roll over in bed every morning to turn off your alarm, you'll see "MEW" on your screen.

    That's a great way to start the day!



    🔫 Psychological Triggers

    This is a cue or trigger that exists only in your head.

    Psychological triggers remind you to do something when you see something you have associated with something else.

    Associations are all in your head.

    You can train your mind to think of mewing every time you wash your hands.

    Pick some actions, objects or tasks that you do multiple times every day.

    Then Teach yourself to think of mewing every time you do them.

    Look at yourself in the mirror?

    Put your tongue up.

    Dishes into the dishwasher?

    Tongue up.

    Writing a text message?

    Tongue up.

    After a few days/weeks of this, you'll automatically start mewing when you do these actions.




    Mewing Reminder App

    The best way to remember to mew is leveraging your phone.

    You use it for hours every day and it's always within reach.

    We talked about using alarms or wallpapers above, but there's an even better way – push notifications.

    Whenever my phone buzzes or dings, I find it really hard to not look at it.

    A push notification is such a great way to get your attention.

    Even if the sound is off, everyone regularly checks their phone to read their notifications.


    Mewing reminder AppStore screenshot

    Download the mewing app in the App store of Google Play store


    This Mewing App was created by a Yury Nebyshynets because he needed help  remembering to mew.

    I could already mew perfectly when this app was released, so I never needed to use it.

    But I've tested it out and wish something like this existed when I wash starting.

    Lots of guys and gals on reddit have said it helped them a great deal.

    Here's a few things it can do:

    🔔 Set Regular Push Notifications Reminders

    Set reminders 1x a day, 3x, 5x, or as frequently as 10min if you upgrade to Mewing PRO.


      📸 Take Pictures and Track Your Progress

      It can be hard to see results if you don't take regular pictures.

      The app keeps them all together and makes a timeline for you to see your progress.


        🧑‍🏫 Tutorials and Helpful Information

        There's also lots of articles and tutorials to teach you about mewing and nose breathing, or remind you, if you forget.


          🏊‍♀️ Personal Training Plan

          There's more you can do to improve your facial appearance than mewing.

          The app makes a personal plan with exercises and routines for you to follow.


            mewing app dashboard

            Screenshot from the homepage of the mewing app




            What if I Only Want to Mew For a Few Hours a Day?

            Not everyone can mew all day long- even if they remember to.

            The mewing tongue posture can be completely new for some people and hence be difficult.

            It can takes weeks or months before your tongue, face and jaw muscles are even strong enough to mew consistently.

            If you've been a mouth breather with poor tongue placement your whole life- mewing might even be painful in the beginning.

            It's nothing to worry about, that's just your muscle, ligaments and bones adjusting to its new "way of working".

            Does all this sound like you?

            Can't mew for more than an hour or 2 at a time?

            Then you need to set a concrete goal for each day.

            Let's say you can only mew for 2 hours a day: break it up into 4, 30 minute intervals.

            Record yourself doing them and then take the rest of the day off.

            This sounds like it will take FOREVER.

            Don't worry, it won't.

            You'll build a habit really quickly this way and this steady approach will give your face enough time to gradually adjust to your new posture.




            How Long Will it Take Before Mewing Becomes a Habit?

            Mewing can become a lifelong habit in 2 months if you properly commit.

            That means you try your best to mew every single day for 2 months, you don't miss a day, and of course, you're following all the steps of mewing.

            There's no defined number of days that it takes to build a habit.

            Each habit is different, requires differing levels of discipline, differing costs, differing benefits.

            In a 2009 study, the results found that the time it takes to form a habit varies from person-to-person.

            The individual times of the participants varied from 18 days all the way up to 254 days.

            But most people can easily develop a habit in 60 days, if done daily.

            If you're not actively mewing every day and really giving it your best... forming a mewing habit can take up to a year.

            I've talked to plenty of people that have apparently being mewing for over a year and still have to think about it.

            Though in most of those cases those people aren't serious about it and haven't really tried. 

            How long it takes also varies wildly from days to years depending on age, palate width, forward growth, and body posture.

            So don't compare yourself to others when estimating how long it will take- each case is different.




            🏁 SUMMARY 🏁

            Mewing isn't a workout and you shouldn't have to force yourself to do it everyday.

            Ideally, it's the same as blinking, breathing, or pumping blood – completely automatic.

            Building a habit is best done with an intense period of dedication.

            Do the work in the beginning instead of dragging it out.

            Use sticky notes, alarms, friends, wallpapers, psychological triggers, and the mewing app to remind yourself.

            Once you can mew automatically, you'll get all the health and beauty benefits on autopilot.

            That's a good incentive!



            🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

            Thank you for reading my article on making mewing a habit. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

            Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

               Matt Phelps

               YouTuber & Founder of STEEL



            P.S I can't emphasize this strongly enough- you can't mew correctly if you don't have excellent back posture. Here's one of the best ways to fix bad back posture👇

            How to Do Chin Tucking (Fix Your Posture)

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