What is MEWING and How Much of it is Actually Science?

  • by Matt Phelps

This "Mewing" Thing is Starting to Show up Everywhere... But What is Mewing?

How Tongue Posture and Nose Breathing Can Transform Your Face and Jawline


🔎 Revealed on this page...

  • ⛔️ "Your jawline is based on your genetics" - WRONG! The average person was more attractive 100 years ago than today. Is that only because we're fatter now? 

  • 🤷 2 "Normal" Sins That are Making You Uglier: How you can gradually become more attractive (healthily and naturally) for free. This is also the answer to "what is mewing?". 

    •  🧬 The "Hollywood Formula" That Only Costs $21.99: the simple jawline exercise that models, actors and influencers are keeping secret.



      What is Mewing?

      Mewing is the process of flattening your entire tongue on the roof of the mouth. As well as breathing through you nose and maintaining good back posture.

         Over time, this posture will realign your teeth and define your face and jawline. To mew correctly, you should relax your tongue and make sure it's resting entirely against your palate (roof of your mouth) using a mixture of suction and pressure.


      The root of your tongue should be up against the palate

      The back 3rd of the tongue or "root of tongue" is the most important part to have up against the palate 



      How to Mew in 5 Steps

      • 💋 Step #1 - Seal Your Lips Lightly: don't force them together and don't pout. Just lightly resting together.
      • 👅 Step #2 - Place Your Whole Tongue Against The Roof Of Your Mouth: the back third of the tongue is the most important part. Use suction and pressure to hold it there.
      • 💂‍♂️ Step #3 - Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back: basic back posture... but almost nobody does it. It's crucial for mewing.
      • 🥤 Step #4 - Swallow Using Only Your Tongue: you shouldn't use your cheeks or lips to help your swallow. Chew with your teeth, swallow with your tongue.
      • 🦷 Step #5 - Chew Slowly With Your Mouth Closed: chewing slowly using your teeth. Don't use your cheeks to move food around. That's your tongue's job.


      MEWING TUTORIAL: Further below, I'll go into more detail on what is mewing. But if you're interested in learning how to mew correctly, I go into FAR more detail in this article:

      How to Mew Properly in 5 Steps (Complete Guide)



      What Does Mewing Do and How Does it Work?

      No "One Weird Trick!" - Just Simple Science

      There's no magic. Mewing is just simply the healthy and natural tongue posture that humans are supposed to have. In fact, it's what humans did have, up until the last 100 years.

      Mewing has two main components that work together to give the incredible results that everyone is talking about:

      1. Nose breathing
      2. Tongue posture

         Both of which have a diverse range of benefits just by themselves. Mewing recognises that they are complimentary and become easier in combination. Let's look at what they can do.



      5 Benefits of Nose Breathing

      • 🫁 Keeps Air in Your Lungs Longer - our nostrils are smaller than our mouth, so it takes longer for us to exhale. This can mean up to 20% more oxygen uptake into your bloodstream compared to mouth breathing = more energy!
      • 💨 Humidified Air - your nasal passage warms air (by up to 40ºF) on the way from your nose to your lungs. This is important in cold weather.
      • 🦠 Removes Germs and Pathogens - your nasal passage filters out significant amounts of bacteria and other pathogens during each lung full of air. Nose breathers get sick less often.
      • 🧘‍♀️ Less Breathing Interruption - when you inhale and exhale through your nose, it's easier to breathe while chewing, drinking, talking or exercising. That "extra" oxygen you get from nose breathing goes a long way.
      • 💧Increased Hydration - each exhalation from the mouth expels water. This is particularly important during exercise, where mouth breathers become tired and dehydrated earlier. 


         And that's just a few of them! Lots of good research has come out the last few decades supporting nose breathing. But what makes mewing so revolutionary, is the combination of nose breathing and tongue posture.

         If you want to know what mewing is, you need to know about tongue posture. Let's look at why it's important.



      the correct mewing tongue posture

      The entire tongue should be up against the your palate. The most important part is the back of the tongue. 



      4 Benefits of Correct Tongue Posture

      • 🦷 Straighter Teeth - proper posture exerts pressure on the maxilla which helps widen the dental arch, which allows space for the teeth to develop and maintain proper alignment.
      • 😯 Tighter Skin Around Chin and Neck - mewing is the best way to get rid of a double chin and make your jawline more defined.
      • 💎 Prominent Cheekbones and a Sharper Jawline - you'll notice more prominent cheekbones and hollow cheeks after you've been mewing for a few months. The chin can become more prominent and the jaw widens. There's not shortage of evidence what mewing can do for your jawline.
      • 🛌 No Snoring, No Sleep Apnoea - reduced nasal obstruction helps prevent snoring and results in better, deeper sleep. Mewing is used to treat people with problems sleeping.


      READ MORE: I break down tongue posture in more detail👇

      How to Do the Correct Mewing Posture 



      Where Did Mewing Come From?

      The British Father and Son Duo Who are Now "Reddit Famous"

      The word "Mewing" comes from the British orthodontists John and Mike Mew, the father and son duo. They promote a form of orthodontics called “Orthotropics”. It focuses on “jaw posture” and retraining the posture of the tongue.


      John and Mike Mew

      That's Mike Mew on the far left, and John Mew on the far Right


         John Mew practised dentistry for 40 years in South-West England. It was during this time that he developed the ideas that would later be called mewing. He noticed that previous generations had far less instances of crooked teeth.

         This led him believe that crooked teeth were not due to genetics, but rather smaller jaws in modern generations, due to different lifestyles. John reasoned that palatial expansion is done naturally by the tongue.

         Modern Orthodontics uses devices such as palatial expanders to correct this, but they deny the role that tongue posture has in it.


      😴 LONG STORY SHORT: John developed much of the mewing theory, and Mike built on his father's work as well as brought it into the mainstream.


      The Orthotropics YouTube Channel

      The best source of all mewing information, is the Orthotropics YouTube channel. It wasn't until Mike Mew starting regularly posting videos about mewing there, that mewing started going viral.


      Searches for "mewing" on YouTube

      Searches for "mewing" exploded after Mike Mew made an explainer video


         Mike even created a subreddit to discuss Orthotropics. Lots of fantastic discussion and research is shared there. As well as personal anecdotes by enthusiastic "mewers".


      📙 LEARN MORE: find out more about what mewing is straight from the Mew's! Check out their verified resources:


      ✅ SIMPLE & EASY: I summarise all the science of mewing, and just tell you the parts you need to know. Learn "what is mewing" using my top resources:

      • Mewing YouTube Channel - l constantly get comments saying I have the best mewing tutorials videos on YouTube.



      Is There Proof That Mewing Works?

      What Dentists and Scientists Say?

      Mewing has not received support from mainstream orthodontists. It's still considered a fringe science or pseudoscience.

         That's not to say they disagree 100%. Most dentists and orthodontists agree with many of the hypotheses behind mewing, and considered them worthy of further study. However, the don't agree with everything that the theory of mewing suggests.


      Why it Doesn't Matter What Dentists Say

         In science, the research and theory is usually far behind the practise. There are multiple studies suggesting that tongue posture affects jaw and facial shape. But their usually has to be years and years of consistent confirmation before the scientific community says something is "proven".

      Here's a few studies in support of mewing:


      ⚠️ These studies don't prove that mewing makes you more attractive. A scientific study or review can't decide that. That's why many skeptics say there is no scientific evidence that these results are from mewing.


      Don't Wait For The Studies To Catch Up

         We're in the early stages of this discovery. Decide for yourself if mewing is worth trying based on the current available evidence.

         PERSONALLY: I didn't wait for rigorous scientific research to get started. I saw WAY too many people's amazing transformations and decided I wanted a piece of the action.

      If you need some mewing motivation, just checkout this article👇

      100 Mewing Before and After Photos That Will EXCITE You



      Why are Influencers Always Talking About Mewing?

      When Something Amazes You... You Normally Tell People About it

      2reasons why Models, YouTubers, Bloggers and Creators won't shutup about mewing:

      1. Can make you more attractive - surgery-free, healthy way to look better
      2. Lots of people are interested - lots of views and likes for creators


      Brett maverick's mewing video
      Brett Maverick is one of the "bigger" YouTuber's that regularly talks about mewing.

         This isn't a good thing. Mewing has the potential to change your face for the worse. That's right, you can mew incorrectly and mess up your face. Many influencers spread false (and harmful) information.

      What can happen if you mew WRONG:

      • 😟 Facial Asymmetry - unevenly distributed pressure can mean "changes" only happen to one side of the face.
      • 😳 Gaps Between Teeth - too much pressure from the tip of the tongue (and not the back) can cause your front teeth to spread further apart.
      • 😱 Double Chin - pressure applied only the tip of the tongue results in a bulge under your chin.


         Some YouTuber's have done the research and experimentation. They make mewing simple, easy to understand and risk-free. There's a really good one called Matt Phelps (it's me haha). Check out the channel here👇

      Watch Mewing Video Tutorials on YouTube



      The Simple Jawline Formula (Hollywood's Secret)

      It's Often the Simple Things That Work the Best

      Don't underestimate this formula because of its simplicity. Running as fast as you can up a hill is a simple formula to lose weight, right? But it works.

         Forget fancy gimmicks and jawline chew-toys. They only exist because people don't have the discipline to stick to proven methods. They want a short-cut or an easy-way-out.

         Well, Step 2 of the formula is kind of a shortcut. But Step 1 and Step 2 aren't easy. They're simple, but not easy. We'll get to that in a second. First, there's something you need to know:


      If you do all 3 steps of the jawline formula... and stick to it! I GUARANTEE you... you will get a sharper jawline and more attractive face.


      Alright, enough hype. Now I've set you up to be all excited. As I said, don't be disappointed in how simple it is. Be EXCITED that it's doable!


      Hollywood stars all have define jawlines

      Most male celebrities have well-defined jawlines



      The 3 Steps to a Sharper Jawline in Less Than 3 Weeks


      ⚙️ Step #1:  MEWING - Set the Foundation

      Now you know what is it, so get started! Mewing will set your jaw in the right position, help give you hollow cheeks, and tighten up your neck and chin area.

      💪 Step #2:  CHEWING - Build the Right Muscle

      Build your masseter muscle. These are the "jaw muscles" that Brad Pitt is famous for. Actors and models chew mastic gum (with a special technique) to build these.

      💎 Step #3:  SLIMMING - Chisel and Define

      Many jawlines are hidden by fat. Getting lean by losing weight ensure that all your hard work is chiseled and defined.


      READ MORE: I break down the formula in more detail👇

      How to Get a Jawline in 2021 (Step-by-Step Guide)



      Conclusion: What is Mewing?

      ✅ Mewing is the Correct Way to Breath, Chew, Swallow and Position Your Tongue

      Mewing will make your facial musculature stronger and nose breathing will result in better oxygen absorption. Mewing is the cure for overbites, weak chins and double chins. Learn how to mew and start TODAY.

        💡 The Ideas Behind Mewing Came From Dr. John Mew

        A British Orthodontist called Dr. John Mew has worked on tongue posture ideas for decades. In recent years, his son Mike Mew, has been responsible for making mewing popular via YouTube videos.


        🔬 Mewing Has NOT Been Rigorously Scientifically Tested

        There is lots of anecdotal evidence for mewing and plenty of supporting evidence. But there haven't been enough extensive research to fully support mewing.


          🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀


          Thank you for reading my article on "what is mewing?". If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

          Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

             Matt Phelps

             Founder of Jawline Gum

          P.S if you're interested in mewing for what it can do to your jawline... then you need to know about mastic gum:

          How to Get a Sharp Jawline using Mastic Gum (Hollywood's Secret)


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