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Which Jawliner Should I Start With?
How Long Until I See Results?
How Long Will My Results Last?
Do Jaw Exercisers Really Work?
How Long Do Jawliner's Last?
What Are The Jawliners Made Of?
Are The Jawliners Bad Or Dangerous For The Jaw?
Why Not Just Chew Gum?
How Fast Is Shipping?
How Does The Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee Work?

If you've never trained your jaw before – start with the Beginner. In fact, almost everyone should start with the Beginner because it is 52lbs of resistance which is much more than your jaw is used to.

If you're experienced or naturally have an incredibly strong jaw – you could start with the Advanced. Though I don't recommend it.

Once you've mastered Beginner... level up to Advanced. If you master Advanced... level up to Expert. If you master Expert... then you are a liar 😜

With daily chewing, it's possible to see a noticeable difference to the face and jawline in 3 weeks. 

People who have never trained their jawline have some "newbie gains" to look forward to. These can come pretty quickly.

Stick to it for 3-6 months to maximize results.

Your chest will shrink if you stop benching pressing. Same with your Masseter muscles. Though I find they lose muscle much slower than other parts of the body.

Either way, you can't stop working them out for a year and expect them to stay the same size.


Does bench press work? Do squats work? Your Masseter muscles in your jaw are muscles, and they can be grown just like any other muscle.

If you've ever tried building ANY muscle, you'll know that you should get enough protein and rest. To allow the muscle to grow.

All the normal muscle growth principles apply to your jaw muscles as well.

With crazy, every day, excessive chewing... the STEEL – Jawliners last 4-6 months. For everyone else, they last forever.

But don't worry, if yours should break because you have sharp teeth or for any other reason, we'll replace them. We have a lifetime money-back guarantee after all.

The same stuff that baby pacifiers are made from.

It's a food-grade silicon, which is a non-toxic type that doesn't contain any fillers or by-products.

It's 100% BPA and PVC free, FDA approved, and certified by the PICA institute of Berlin.

The Jawliner applies force with the molar teeth, which are designed for chewing and grinding hard food. They simulate real chewing at a high resistance level as well as being vertically slim, which means the jaw joint remains in a natural range of motion.

Chewing on a Jawliner is indistinguishable from chewing an incredibly tough piece of meat. It is not dangerous.

Other, incisor chewing jaw trainers are awful for your teeth and jaw joint. That is of course why we don't sell any here at STEEL. They're the ones that are shaped like a ball and that you bite into like an apple. The fulcrum of force is on the front teeth (incisors) which is totally unnatural for those teeth, which are made for piercing and tearing. Theses jawline workout balls also open the mouth excessively, which is a dangerous range of motion for the jaw joint.

Super harmful... and they don't even improve your jawline! AVOID!

The 3 Jawliner models all provide more resistance than chewing gum- even mastic gum.

The Masseter muscle is the strongest muscle in your body (pound-for-pound) and hence it is a challenge to train it hard enough that it grows.

The Jawliners are the safest and most effective way to stress your jaw muscles.

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