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👌 Why Steel Jawline Gum is the Perfect Product to Promote
Who Can Get Their Own Affiliate Link?
🤑 How Much Money You Can Expect to Make
🔗 How to Get Your Own Affiliate Link
💵 How to Earn as Much $$$ as Possible



Click Here to Get Your Steel Jawline Gum Affiliate Link 



Why Steel Jawline Gum is the Perfect Product for YOU and Your Audience

  • 😃 Low Cost Item - it's in the price range for "impulse purchases". People Don't have to think too much about purchases of this size. For you, that means your audience is likely to buy just because you recommended it.
  • 💹 Extremely High ROI Offer - this gum will chisel your jawline and make you more attractive... for only $21.99. It's incredible cheap for the results you get = high return on investment.



📈 Sales Growth 📈

Steel Jawline Gum is selling rapidlySteel Jawline Gum is growing exponentially. You won't have trouble selling hundreds and thousands.



    • 🧾 Lots of Proof, Reviews & Testimonials - people don't need a lot of convincing that jawline gum works because it makes logical sense. But anyway, it's got top reviews on Trustpilot and plenty of people to vouch for it's effectiveness.
    • 🤝 100% Money Back Guarantee - if your audience doesn't like the gum, I'll give them ALL their money back, with no questions asked. You never have to feel like you recommended something that your audience "wasted money" on.
    • 🏎️ FREE & Fast Shipping - I'm dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible- that's how you succeed in business!
    • 💰 Passive Income for YEARS - improving your jawline never goes out of style. And there's more and more customers every year. Your affiliate link on your post, video or blog will bring in revenue for years without further work from you.
    • 🔄 Recurring Revenue - we're talking about chewing gum that chisels your jawline... people buy more than one pack. Some customers buy a new pack every month. It's not a "one-off" purchase, you'll get paid for your referrals coming back again and again.
    • 🥰 MASSIVE Positive Impact on Thousands of Lives - I don't want to sound lame, but jawline gum builds people's confidence. I get emails every day from people telling me how my chewing gum has helped improve their lives. YOU should feel fantastic for being the one to introduce them to Steel Jawline Gum.




    Anyone can get an affiliate link. There are no requirements. Anyone can earn money as an affiliate, and hundreds of people are.


    I've had affiliates that are:

    • 🔴 YouTuber's with millions of subscribers
    • 🏋️‍♂️ Instagram influencers & fitness pages
    • 💻 Blogs, websites & e-books
    • 🎵 TikTok creators
    • 🦋 Twitter gurus
    • 🎧 Twitch streamers
    • 🧔 Regular Joes


    SIDE NOTE: one guy with no social media following started talking about Steel in some forums and on Reddit. He dropped his affiliate link in a few places, and is consistently earning over one hundred dollars a month.



    How Much Money You Can Expect to Make

    The more people who see your link, the more money you'll make. It's a numbers gam. There's ways you can increase your conversions rate and maximize your profit, but we'll get to that in a bit. 

    Let's look at the basic numbers👇


    Store Stats - 

    • 5% of site visitors will make an order
    • Average order value is $30
    • Average customer buys at least 2 times


    For every 20 clicks you get on your link, you can expect 1 sale. The average order value is $30 and you keep 25% of that. So for every 20 clicks on your link, you'll earn around $7.50


    📸 EXAMPLE - Instagram Influencer With 100k Followers

    Let's say you're an influencer with 100k followers and you do a post about Steel Jawline Gum. 

       If only 30% of your followers click on the link, that's 30,000 people visiting the store. 5% of people who visit make a purchase with an average amount of $30.

    1500 people will buy for an average of around $30 and you'll keep 25% of all that money.

    💰 You made $11,250 💰


    BONUSyour post (with your affiliate link) will stay on the internet forever, consistently earning passive income for you.



    How to Get Your Own Affiliate Link

    STEP 1

    Click the link below and create an account:

    create a jawline gum affiliate account

    It literally takes 30 seconds to create your affiliate account and start earning


    STEP 2

    Bookmark your affiliate dashboard so you can check on your sales later. I'll get into contact with you via email within a few days.

    affiliate dashboard

    You affiliate dashboard will keep track of your earnings, sales and referrals


    STEP 3

    Copy your referral link, and promote it to your audience! The more places your put it, the more you can make.

    Affiliate link in description

    Put your link in your bio, description, blog post, comments - anywhere a customer might see it


    STEP 4

    When you've made some sales and earned some money, it's time to get paid. Request your payout from your dashboard:

    affiliate payment screen

    Request your payments from this section of your dashboard



    Step-by-Step Video Tutorial



    A video tutorial on how to get your affiliate link



    How to Earn as Much $$$ as Possible


    Emphasize the following points:

    • 💎 "A Sharper Jawline... Or it's Free" - you can't lose. We guarantee results to our customers. If they're not satisfied, they get 100% of their money back. Displaying this line prominently will boost your conversion rate.
    • 😍 It Grows the Masseter Muscle - tell people how Jawline Gum sharpens your jawline. It grows the lower, outer portion of the masseter muscle. resulting in a stronger, improved jawline.
    • 🖥 You Can Workout Anytime - while you're working, driving or studying etc. You don't have to carve time out of your day to chew on a rubber gag-toy, like other jawline exercisers.
    • 🥔 IT'S INSANELY CHEAP - for only $21.99 you will improve your jawline - with results guaranteed! That's insane! People pay thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars to do that with surgery.
    • 🪖 10x Harder Than Regular Gum - you've got to add more weight to your bench press if you want a bigger chest. Jawline Gum is like "adding weight" to your jaw workouts- while still working the right muscles!



    🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

    Thanks for getting a Steel Jawline Gum affiliate link! It's going to be a pleasure making stacks of cash with you.



    Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

       Matt Phelps

       Founder of Jawline Gum

    P.S I can setup your affiliate link for you. I'll help you at every step 👇

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