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How Does Chewing Gum Build Your Jaw Muscles?

Steel Jawline Gum is 10x harder than regular chewing gum. It's like a 200kg deadlift for reps. Regular gum is like curling a can of baked beans.

   Grinding and chewing hard mastic gum stimulates your masseter muscle. It's the meaty part on the side of your jaw. It can be grown like any other muscle in your body, but it needs strong resistance (mastic gum) and consistency (regular workouts).

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How Long Until I See Results?

Most guys see results (a sharper jawline) after 1 container. So after 30 workouts, about 60% of guys notice a few millimeters added to each side of their jaw.

   Don't get me wrong, Steel Jawline Gum isn't a miracle maker. Building any muscle isn't "easy". But if you've never trained your jaw, you have some "newbie gains" to look forward to. These come pretty quickly. But if you stick to it for a few months or even yearsyou'll add some serious muscle.

   Building the muscles in your jaw is the same as for any other muscle. Follow a solid routine and add weight as you get stronger. Steel Jawline Gum™️ is the only way to 'add weight' to your workout.



How Often Should I Chew?

Don't forget that jawline gum is a workout. You shouldn't chew it for hours every day- your jaw needs a rest.

   I recommend you start with 20 minutes a day. 1 day on, 1 day off, repeat. You'll feel like you could do a lot more, but your gains will come quicker if you rest.

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What is Steel Jawline Gum?

Steel is a special type of mastic gum harvested from the Greek island Chios. Each July to October, Dimitri and my guys make cuts into the mastic trees. They collect the resin that leaks out once it solidifies after 15-20 days.

   After grinding it into powder with your teeth, it turns into a tough, fresh-tasting gum. The Greeks have been doing this for 2,500 years.

   Steel Jawline Gum™️ comes directly from Chios to your door. It's 10x harder than regular gum and it doesn't get a stale taste after 10 minutes either. Plus you don't need 6 pieces to get a workout - 1 is enough for beginners!

A STEEL Jawline Gum mastic tree on the Greek island Chios

Steel mastic tree on the Greek island Chios



What Do Customers Say About Steel Jawline Gum?

You can read what customers say on Trustpilot. I'm proud to say that Steel Jawline Gum has one of the highest ratings of all E-commerce stores.



We ship Worldwide* from the United States.

Track Your UPS Package

Please Note: All orders placed to UAE, Qatar, Orman and Saudi Arabia need to include a PO Box as a part of their address. This is a requirement for the local postal service. 

    All shipping addresses are to be written in English without accents marks on letters. If the incorrect address is provided and your order has been shipped, customers will incur a reshipping fee. 

Please email if you have any further shipping queries.


What is Steel Jawline Gum's Return and Refunds Policy?

Please click here to see my refund policy.  


How Do I Change or Cancel My Order?

If you need to cancel or make any changes to your order please email within 2 hours of making your purchase with the subject line of this email must read 'CHANGE OF ORDER' or 'CANCEL ORDER' and our team will be back to you shortly. 

Please make sure you have read our Returns & Refunds Policy before proceeding.


I Didn't Receive a Confirmation Email?

Please make sure you check all folders in your inbox including the junk and spam folders.

   If you still cannot find your confirmation email please email to ensure you provided the correct email during checkout. 


What Currency is Used on the Steel Jawline Gum's Website?

All orders on Steel Jawline Gum are processed in USD.

   While the content of your cart may be displayed in your local currency, you will checkout using USD at the most current exchange rate.

   This is the reason your confirmation email amount may differ to the amount on your bank statement. 


What If I Made a Mistake in My Shipping Address?

If you have made a mistake in your shipping address please email within 2 hours of placing your order. You must make the subject line 'CHANGE OF ADDRESS' and provide your full name, order number and corrected shipping address.


My Order Status is 'Unfulfilled', What Does This Mean?

If your order status is shown as unfulfilled this simply means your order has not yet been dispatched, but the payment has been successful.

   Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an email to confirm your order has been fulfilled and another email providing you with a tracking number.



How Can I Get in Touch With You?

Matt is available 9am to 5pm CET.

Please click here to get in touch with me.