They Laughed When I Started Chewing... But When They Saw Me 3 Weeks Later!

A strong jawline makes you harder to kill. Believe it or not that's one reason I wanted one- to be able to absorb punches. Plus you look 10x better. Let me explain:

I was 17 and I'd been working out for 3 years. I was pretty lean and had decent muscle mass. But I still had a baby face. I needed to suck in those chubby cheeks.

I googled around and found this thing called mewing. It's all about having the correct tongue posture and breathing through your nose.

Apparently lots of guys have success with it. So I learned the technique and got started. It worked. The flab under my neck started to disappear and I started to look more 'mature'. Goodbye baby face.

Mewing works slowly. It puts your jaw in the right position. But its doesn't put any muscle on your jaw. I wanted a beefy jawline like Brad Pitt. That shouldn't be too hard right?

Do Any "Jawline Exercisers" Actually Work?

I saw these rubber jaw exercises on Instagram. They're kind of like a mini apple. Maybe you've tried them? Anyway, the idea is simple- put it in your mouth and bite down on it. This seemed perfect. And after a 'workout' I could definitely feel my facial muscles getting sore.

That was the problem though- I didn't want to workout my face! I wanted to workout the masseter muscle on the side of my jaw. It's the meaty part that flexes when you clench your jaw. 

Don't Make The Same Mistakes I Did!

Those rubber balls activate the Pterygoid and Temporalis. Building those muscles makes your mid-face wider and gives you a 'round' face shape. Not a good look imo. Chewing and grinding up meat with your molar teeth- that's what widens your jaw.

I read that boxers chew a ton of gum to strengthen their jaw. So I went nuts and started chewing a pack a day. I could feel it working the right places. But it took f o r e v e r.

All the gums I tested were too soft. Once I got used to them, I needed to chew for hours everyday to get a workout. After 2 weeks it was like I was repping a 10lb bench press for 200 reps. I was basically trying to build muscle with cardio.

Sore Masseter Muscle = GROWTH

I needed to chew something harder. Like adding weight to a bench press. After trying every gum to ever exist, I eventually found a special type of mastic gum. It's 10x (literally) harder than regular gum and f*** does your jaw feel it. I chewed for 15 minutes the first time and that was all I could handle for the rest of the day.

After 20mins a day for a month- I had put 4mm of size onto both sides of my jaw. I don't know if it works that well for everyone or if I was just lucky. After years of experimenting I was surprised how simple it was. Now I just chew when I'm working.

I Got Compliments After 3 Weeks - So I Started Selling It

More men are realising what Hollywood and BodyBuilders knew decades ago. Your jaw can be built like any other muscle.

I wasted years. But the muscle grew quick and all my friends were suspicious. Until they tried it.

Steel Jawline Gum makes a sharper jawline achievable for every man. Mewing and Chewing: It's the easiest way I know to get more attractive.

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- Matt Phelps       

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