STEEL® Shipping


We ship using UPS, Amazon, USPS, DHL, PostNord and Royal Mail.

All shipping addresses are to be written in English without accents marks on letters. If the incorrect address is provided and your order has been shipped, customers will incur a reshipping fee. 



Countries We Ship To

UPDATE: due to extreme demand for your products, we only ship to the USA at this point.

   Unfortunately we can't make our products fast enough to even meet the demand of 1 country (USA). When we can, we'll add your country. Hopefully we can ship to EU, Australia, Canada and UK again by the end of 2022.

Please email if you have any questions regarding this!




Shipping Times


🇺🇸 United States UPS, DHL, USPS
2 – 10 Business Days


NOTE: shipping is free over $50.



Your Country Not on the List? 

Ugh! We're sorry about that. Sometimes shipping is just too expensive to certain countries. Plus – customs fees and tariffs makes it even worse.

   Eventually we'll ship to every country in the world. But right now we can't. You can find some STEEL® equipment on your country's Amazon store:


Please email if you have any further shipping queries.